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New FEIN products for machining stainless steel surfaces - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

New FEIN stainless steel products -durability as standard. Need to remove dirt, tarnishing, scratches or welded seams? Need to prepare a surface for polishing or polish it to a mirror finish? FEIN has the right solution for any stainless steel surface and any stainless steel application. Durable, robust tools and accessories that allow you to work faster, more conveniently and more efficiently than ever before. As an experienced partner to the metal industry, FEIN offers an extensive range of products for machining stainless steel surfaces: from individual tools like angle grinders, sanding polishers,...

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NEW FEIN STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS FEIN BF 10-280 E belt sander Perfect for corners and edges. The FEIN belt sander guarantees a high sanding capacity and features a drive head which can be swivelled without the need for any tools for accurate working in hard-to-reach places. f V FEIN RS 10-70 E pipe sander The compact sander for hand rail construction. Since it is so small, the FEIN pipe sander is great for tight spaces. The belt is guided accurately even when working with bent pipes. GRIT GIC rotary grinding module Perfect for high volume, industrial rotary grinding with quick results. The GRIT...

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BF 10-280 E Small, easy to operate and incredibly powerful: the FEIN BF 10-280 E belt sander. Whether you're smoothing edges, deburring sheet metal or sanding welded seams, professional surface finishing needs to be flexible yet economic. You need tools which deliver perfect results even in tight spaces or on workpieces which are already in place. The new powerful FEIN BF 10-280 E makes light work of the numerous demands made of it. It is impressively easy to use, delivers incredible power and enjoys a long life. Advantages: ► Maximum material removal in the tightest of spaces ► Maximum plunge...

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FEIN BF 10-280 E itirt The FEIN BF 10-280 start setequlpsyou for ail Important ippllcauons whcn machlnlng corners, edges. pipes and profiles. Perfectly matched accessorles are available for spécial tasks* ► 1 BF 10-280 E tool In plastic case ► 3 grlndlng arms (1 each of 3/6 mm stepped, 6 mm stralght, 20 mm stralght) ► 10 grlndlng belts 3 mm {gril 120) ► 10 grlndlng belts 6 mm {grlt 120) ► 10 grlndlng belts 20 mm (grlt 120) ► 5 fleece belts 6 mm (mdium) Order number 7 228 05 51 Stepped fnndinf Ctrarnk grtndlng belt Maximum mtttrlil removal md very k>ng nrvtn llfe. Alto tuluble for removtr^ Ine...

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RS 10-70 E Compact, light and ergonomie: the RS 10-70 E pipe sander. The pipe sander (or ait standard upnghts and hand rails. Idal for machlning pipes and ptpe bends. For cvcrythlngfrom deanlngoff dirt, removing tarnishlng, sandlng fine welded seams and saUft-finlshlng to pollshing prparations and pollshing to a mlrror finish. The sander Is small and casy to use. It's flttcd wlth a drive head whlch can swrvel almost 360° to enable comfortable use, even m tlght spaces. The sander is very flexible and can be varlably adapted to diflcrcnt pipe dlamctcrs or sandlng belts. Advantages: ► Simple handllng...

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The start set covers ait standard applications for pipes and pipe bends: deaning, removing tarnlshing and scratches, removing welded seams, creating sanding patte m s and achieving a hlgh-quality satin finish. ► Pipe sandcr In plastte case ► 10 ramic sanding belts, grlt 120 ► 10 ceramic sanding belts, grlt 180 * Sfleece belts, fine Order number 7 221 66 60 Gnndingbelt* Hitftiy flexible sanding belu. ld«aJ for undlng pipe bendt* 10 In atek, 30x513 mm. Very soft version for smooth surface i e*en wlih tjght pipe bendi. S In pack, 30xS܏3mm. -poinhmg cream, red Fer pce-poishaig In conjonction wlth...

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GRIT GIC Perfect results for mobile use: GRIT GIC. The unique module for high volume, industrial rotary grinding. The GRIT GIC is quickly and easily attached to the basic machine without the need for tools (GI 75, GI 75 2H, GI 150, GI 150 2H are all suitable) and then masters all "centreless grinding" tasks, such as: grinding pipe, pre-grinding for subsequent chrome-plating and polishing and grinding pipes to a perfect surface finish. It delivers outstanding surface qualities and can be flexibly adapted to various pipe diameters. Ideal for use in hand rail and plant construction. Advantages: ► Quick...

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NEW ACCESSORIES Perfectly matched to application and tool: FEIN stainless steel sets. All the key accessory parts for stainless steel machining in one set. Tailored to FEIN angle polishers and FEIN sanding polishers, the FEIN "Satin-finishing profiles" and "Preparing to polish surfaces / pipes / profiles" stainless steel sets are now even better suited to real-life applications. Featuring new and optimised accessories for brilliant, cost-effective surface results. Stainless steel set - Satin-finishing profiles Stainless steel set - Preparing to polishrfaces / pipes / profiles The accessories for...

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NEW ACCESSORIES New accessories make your job an easier one. FEIN's intelligent accessories, such as the new FEIN Pyramix velcro sanding disc, make your daily tasks easier and more comfortable. This disc's pre-perforated edge can be quickly removed after use and the sanding disc then used for a smaller sanding pad. But this is just one of many innovative solutions. Pyramix sanding disc Metered packaging for polishing pastes For quickly removing scratches with high material removal, low build-up of heat and optimum preparations for polishing. The Pyramix velcro sanding disc features a new perforation...

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FEIN. Unverwustliche Elektrowerkzeuge. Make the most of the 3-year FEIN PLUS warranty We offer the 3-year FEIN PLUS warranty for all your FEIN power tools. All you need to do is register your new FEIN power tool at within 6 weeks of purchase. z LU Do you have any further questions? Or would you like to test FEIN power tools? Your specialist dealer will be happy to help: O o o m 00 00 eu O CL) ■a Germany: C. & E. FEIN GmbH, Hans-Fein-Str. 81, 73529 Schwbisch Gmund-Bargau Great Britain: FEIN Industrial Power Tools UK Ltd., 4 Badby Park, Heartlands Business Park, Daventry, Northants...

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