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The new FEIN 12 V cordless drill/driver: optimum torque and high speeds for perfect drilling and screw connection results - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Power plus speed. The new FEIN 12 V cordless drill/driver: optimum torque and high speeds for perfect drilling and screw connection results.

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The new 12 V cordless drill/driver by FEIN: Extreme performance and perfect for metalworking. For over 120 years, FEIN has been setting high standards with extremely reliable professional tools for trades and industry. From the invention of the first drill in 1895 to milestones such as the 2-speed drill and the 18 V cordless drill/driver, FEIN has been developing professional power tools, for metalworking in particular. FEIN has brought this experience and expertise to develop a new range of 12 V cordless drill/drivers. The result: these powerful tools are extremely attractive due to their compact,...

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The brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors. The motors are the heart of our power tools and they are exactly matched to the requirements of professional craftsmen. Their high speeds mean that the FEIN PowerDrive motors have the flexibility needed to satisfy virtually any requirement. The brushless design reduces wear to a minimum and at the same time makes the motors so efficient that the battery life and service life are significantly extended. Cordless impact wrench/driver Compact cordless drill/driver with superb ergonomics and minimalist profile. Small and light cordless impact wrench/driver with...

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The FEIN ASCM 12C, 4-speed cordless drill/driver: the power is in the detail. The new FEIN ASCM 12C provides uncompromising power for universal use. This 4-speed drill/driver is unique in the 12 V sector, with its 40 Nm torque and the brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor, is as powerful and effective as many cordless drill/drivers in the 14.4 V category. Yet it is significantly smaller, lighter, more ergonomic and more convenient. In a summary, it’s powerful compact machine that newly defines drilling and screw driving in metal. Removable solid metal drill chuck ꨈꨈ Strong, solid metal drill chuck for...

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Designed specifically for metal: application possibilities for the FEIN ASCM 12. The new FEIN ASCM 12C provides the power, precision and efficiency for a wide variety of tasks. Whether drilling in metal or screwing into hardwood – this unit is a true all-rounder and is easy to use thanks to its compact, lightweight design. 4-speed solid metal gearbox ꨈꨈ Always the right speed for every application. ꨈꨈ Use speed-setting 4 to drill at 6 mm into metal. ꨈꨈ Powerfully tap threads at speed-setting 1. ꨈꨈ Great speed selections for working with stepped drill bits. Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor ꨈꨈ Highest...

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The new FEIN ASCM 12C: precise drilling and screw connections at speeds of up to 2500 rpm. The FEIN ASCM 12C is the perfect combination of power, speed, precision and ergonomics. A patent has been submitted for its 4-speed gearbox, which delivers up to 2500 rpm enabling a broad spectrum of applications. Many other innovative features simplify the way you work. Benefits ꨈꨈ Highest motor output in the 12 V category thanks to the FEIN brushless PowerDrive motor. ꨈꨈ Always the right speed due to its 4-speed solid metal gearbox. ꨈꨈ Compact 150 mm length (without drill chuck). ꨈꨈ 2.5 Ah battery capacity...

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The right speed for every hole diameter. 4-speeds allow the correct selection depending on hole diameter and material. 2500 rpm for a 6 mm hole in steel, for instance. Cutting speed (m/min) Construction steel: 30–40 m/min Stainless steel: 7–12 m/min High output for cutting threads in metal. Construction steel: 40–50 m/min Stainless steel: 10–15 m/min Find out more at Optimum speeds for self-drilling screws. Ideal for assembly work, such as installing concealed hinges using Forstner bits. Technical data Model 4-Speed ASCM 12 C cordless drill/driver ꨈꨈ Brushless FEIN PowerDrive...

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The FEIN ABSU 12C, 2-speed cordless screwdriver: power in its most compact form. The FEIN ABSU 12C cordless drill/driver combines renowned FEIN technology and impressive performance. Its minimalist design means it is light and compact and perfectly suited to working in confined spaces. Benefits ꨈꨈ Powerful DC motor with overload protection. ꨈꨈ With solid metal chuck or ¼ inch hexagonal socket. ꨈꨈ Minimalist design from 155 mm. ꨈꨈ 2.5 Ah battery capacity for up to 350 sc

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Strong drill chuck Perfect for use with stepped drill bits such as when drilling starter holes in sheet metal. Well modulated power up to 30 Nm for secure tightening. Technical data Model 2-speed ABSU 12 C cordless drill/driver ꨈꨈ 2-pole DC motor with overload protection. ꨈꨈ 2-speed solid metal gearbox. ꨈꨈ Solid metal quick-clamping drill chuck. ꨈꨈ FEIN Li-ion battery with SafetyCell technology. ꨈꨈ Minimalist design from 180 mm. 2-speed ABSU 12 W4C cordless screwdriver ꨈꨈ 2-pole DC motor with overload protection. ꨈꨈ 2-speed solid metal gearbox. ꨈꨈ ¼ inch hexagonal socket. ꨈꨈ FEIN Li-ion battery...

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The FEIN ASCD 12-100 W4C cordless impact driver: high performance with up to 100 Nm of power. The ASCD 12-100 W4C cordless impact driver features a minimalist 158 mm long design and huge torque of up to 100 Nm. This makes it perfect for tightening and slackening torque-rated joints. The ASCD 12-100 W4 is low-recoil and really comfortable to use. Amongst other things, it is ideally suited to overhead working. High torque The ASCD 12-100 W4 cordless impact wrench/driver can easily tighten screws up to M12 and reaches its maximum torque after only 5 seconds. Benefits ꨈꨈ Powerful torque of up to 100...

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Technical data ASCD 12-100 W4C cordless impact wrench/driver ꨈꨈ 2-pole DC motor with overload protection. ꨈꨈ Torque of up to 100 Nm. ꨈꨈ ¼ inch hexagonal socket. ꨈꨈ FEIN Li-ion battery with SafetyCell technology. ꨈꨈ Stubby design from 158 mm. Battery voltage Battery capacity Idling speed Maximum torque Weight with battery *Non-binding manufacturer's recommended price. Comes complete with Order no. 1 cordless impact wrench/driver, 2 battery packs (Li-ion), 1 belt clip and bit store, 1 ALG 50 rapid charger and 1 plastic too

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