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FEIN magnetic core drills KBM and KBB ? Leaders in quality and performance - 28 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FEIN. Unverwiistliche Tough tasks made easy. FEIN magnetic core drills KBM and KBB - leaders in quality and performance.

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Core drilling expertise from the inventor of the power drill. In 1895, FEIN invented the world's first electric hand drill, and in 1909, first electromagnetic drill GMAZ. The same spirit of innovation and German-built quality goes into every FEIN drill. With more than 115  years of ongoing development, FEIN has succeeded in perfecting metal drilling technology. Professionals put their trust in the long-life quality of FEIN and rightly so. The benefits: ꨈꨈ First-class materials and excellent workmanship – premium quality from one source. ꨈꨈ Performance and quality leader for drilling and core drilling....

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FEIN magnetic core drills FEIN KBM FEIN KBM auto FEIN KBB Sizing sheet for tools FEIN hand-guided core drilling FEIN KBH 1909 FEIN core drill bits, accessories and useful information Carbide or HSS? 16 Carbide core drill bits 17 HSS core drill bits 19 Accessories 22 Accessories for KBM 80 23 Clamping fixtures 24 Tapping 25 Accessories for KBH 26

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Two series: KBM and KBB. Outstanding performance, quality and technology. The FEIN KBM-series: ꨈꨈ Universal use, high-quality tools. ꨈꨈ Extremely long-life construction. ꨈꨈ Maximum quality. ꨈꨈ With optimised speed for carbide core drill bits. ꨈꨈ Optimum power-to-weight ratio. ꨈꨈ Offers basic functionality for core drilling work. ꨈꨈ Sturdy construction for tough applications. ꨈꨈ Renowned FEIN quality. ꨈꨈ With optimised speed for HSS core drill bits. KBM series – for universal use. Operating concept FEIN high-power motor Very powerful, with high delivery of power for reliable...

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Functions and applications at a glance. KBM series Cutting speed in steel (S235) Bit tool mounting Core drilling Twist drilling Tapping / reaming / countersinking Technical features Carbide core drill bits HSS core drill bits Extra-large stroke range Weight / compact design  good or suitable    very good or very suitable   available Clockwise / anti-clockwise operation Electronic speed setting Integrated cooling lubricant unit Coordinated system components Fully-automatic drilling Quality Magnetic holding force Quick bit change system Material quality and workmanship  * with...

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FEIN KBM series: Lightweight and powerful – for universal use. The manual FEIN KBM series includes five high-quality magnetic core drills for universal use – from the compact assembly tool KBM 32 Q to the workshop tool KBM 80 U. Every tool is designed for optimum results, incredibly simple use and long service life. KBM 32 Q Compact with high mobility for installation jobs. KBM 50 Q Lightweight and incredibly easy to use, with 2-speed gearbox for efficient drilling in the workshop and on the construction site. The benefits: ꨈꨈ Maximum versatility. ꨈꨈ Very simple operation. ꨈꨈ Outstanding service...

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Magnetic core drill up to 32 mm The compact choice: KBM 32 Q. The KBM 32 Q offers impressive low weight, compact dimensions and ease of handling. It is easy to attach to the workpiece and enables reliable working – even if you're working vertically or overhead. Technical data ꨈꨈ Small and extremely light, with excellent handling for vertical and overhead use. ꨈꨈ QuickIN rapid change system for fast tool changes without a wrench. ꨈꨈ Double drill motor guide for use with very large drilling tools. Carbide core drill bit max. diameter mm Core drill, bit max. drilling depth HSS core drill bit max....

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Magnetic core drills up to 50 mm The flexible choice: KBM 50 Q and KBM 50 U. The KBM 50 Q is one of the lightest 2-speed tools in its segment and offers an extended area of application. The lightweight KBM 50 U 2-speed tool with MT 3 holder offers a universal range of applications and high flexibility for all applications. Technical data ꨈꨈ Compact with high functionality for universal use on construction site and in the workshop. ꨈꨈ Simple operating concept avoids mix-ups and can be clearly seen by the user. ꨈꨈ Double drill motor guide for use with very large drilling tools. Carbide core drill...

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Magnetic core drills up to 65 / 80 mm The powerful choice: KBM 65 U and KBM 80 U. The 2-speed tool KBM 65 U combines a compact design with good output. Its universal equipment provides increased functionality in the workshop. The powerful KBM 80 U with 3-speed gearbox and high speed stability is designed for heavy-duty drilling in the workshop. Technical data ꨈꨈ Speed stability even in tough applications. ꨈꨈ Fine adjustment of the drill spindle for convenient tool alignment. ꨈꨈ Double drill motor guide for use with very large drilling tools. Carbide core drill bit max. diameter mm HSS core drill...

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fein kbm auto series The FEIN KBM auto series – unrivalled efficiency for series drilling. The FEIN KBM auto series is setting new work standards: The automatic drill feed enables reproducible drilling times and constant work progress in all common materials. It saves a lot of time and money, particularly for large drilling jobs. The digitally controlled drill feed achieves new levels of workshop and installation efficiency. The benefits: ꨈꨈ Saves time and money when producing a large number of holes. ꨈꨈ Constant work progress. ꨈꨈ Reproducible drilling times. ꨈꨈ Longer core drill service life....

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Fully automatic magnetic core drills up to 50 / 80 mm The efficient choice: KBM 50 auto and KBM 80 auto. The powerful KBM 50 auto is as efficient as it is mobile: Its compact design and low weight enable use either on the construction site or in the workshop. The high-power workshop tool KBM 80 auto with its drill feed ensures reproducible drilling times and constant work progress in all common metals. Technical data ꨈꨈ Saves time and money when producing a large number of holes thanks to the digitally controlled drill feed. ꨈꨈ Thanks to reproducible and timed drilling times, working hours for...

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