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The FEIN high-frequency range 2012 / 2013. - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The FEIN high-frequency range 2012 / 2013.

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More than 50 years of working in continuous use: High-frequency grinders from FEIN. As one of the first and world's leading manufacturers of high-frequency power tools, Table Of Contents we are fully aware of the requirements which apply in the world of industry. FEIN ,, , i i i _rij r j • j r • j * j What does high-frequency mean ? 3 has been producing durable, powerful and usage-focused grinders for industry and _b ^ '_ manual trades since 1953. In various performance classes and for tough continuous Maximum performance_4 use, for example in foundries, steel or shipbuilding. From small compact...

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FEIN high frequency 2

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FEIN high frequency - a real boost to industrial production. In electrical engineering, frequencies above 10 kHz are described as high-frequency. But for power tools this term is commonly used to describe all frequencies above the standard mains frequency of 50/60 Hz. Modern high-frequency power tools usually operate at a But why is the current from the socket at a higher frequency? One reason is the need for enhanced performance. By increasing the frequency, you can achieve a higher speed. The motor's output power increases as a direct proportion of increased frequency: at 300 Hz, performance...

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FEIN high frequency Maximum performance in continuous use. Higher frequency, constant speeds, higher performance. The superior tool concept of FEIN high-frequency power tools makes them particularly well suited to use in metalwork, for heavy-duty grinding and continuous use when roughing-down or cutting under the toughest working conditions. Thanks to design-related measures like induction motors and the fact that wearing power-transmitting parts are not used, FEIN high-frequency power tools satisfy very high robustness and service life requirements. They have power reserves, on average a good...

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In many areas of industry and manual trades where tools are Both the construction and quality of the products have been expected to deliver maximum performance permanently, FEIN designed to very high standards. The FEIN quality you would high-frequency tools prove to be superior. Compared with expect of a product made in Germany and more than 50 years of pneumatic tools and also power tools with a universal motor, their experience in developing and producing high-frequency power design brings them a number of benefits which deliver huge tools guarantees absolute reliability and a superior service...

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FEIN high frequency High-frequency cost-effective working. In terms of investment, energy and maintenance costs, high-frequency power tools are much more cost-effective than comparable standard-frequency or pneumatic tools. The sample calculations below show a comparison of the systems. The result with pneumatic grinders is based on a study by a technical university which compared the performance and cost-effectiveness of both drive types. High frequency compared with standard frequency. A higher frequency means a higher speed which increases the motor's output power. Increasing the frequency...

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FEIN high frequency High frequency compared with pneumatic system. The power distribution system for high-frequency power tools has virtually no energy losses, while with pneumatic systems the heat produced when compressing air results in greater energy losses. In reality, an additional 10 to 20% more energy is needed due to leaks - if the systems are poorly maintained, this figure may even rise to 30% and above. The performance of the pneumatic motors also depends on the condition of their components, which are subject to wear (for example, cylinder, rotor, thrust washers, flaps). This translates...

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FEIN high frequency high-frequency grinding for mobile applications. If you're looking for an introduction to high frequency, you can choose from two single-station converters: HFS 17-300 or HFS 27-300. They make industrial high-frequency grinding with FEIN easy, cost-effective and mobile for everyone. They enable the use of individual high-frequency grinders in continuous use where stationary high-frequency solutions are uneconomical or unfeasible. Location like construction sites, but also in small foundries, shipbuilding plants, steelworks and boiler and tank construction facilities. Benefit...

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Stationary high-frequency systems. If several workstations have to be fitted into a given space, we would recommend a permanent installation with one larger frequency converter and permanent cables. FEIN KSR frequency converters are asynchronous-synchronous frequency converters. The output voltage only deviates by ± 1% from the set idling voltage, even under load. The converters are short-circuit-proof. It is standard practice to connect several KSR converters of similar types and sizes in parallel. The FEIN frequency converters feature protection class IP 54. They are virtually maintenance-free....

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Cost-effective work - FEIN high-frequency power tools. Compact angle grinders Handy high-frequency compact angle grinder for light-duty grinding and deburring work. Powerful high-frequency compact angle grinder for medium-duty grinding and deburring work. Large angle grinders MSfov 852-1 Long-neck high-frequency angle grinder for hard-to-reach places. MSfo 849-1 c Powerful high-frequency angle grinder for medium-duty grinding work. MSfo 852-1 d Powerful high-frequency angle grinder for medium- to heavy-duty grinding and brushing work. MSfo 869-1 d Powerful high-frequency angle grinder for heavy-duty...

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High-frequency angle grinders Compact angle grinder Ø 125 mm HFW 9-125 Handy high-frequency compact angle grinder for light-duty grinding and deburring work. Technical data FEIN BENEFITS Model HFW 9-125 Frequency Hz ɰɰHighly efficient compact angle grinder with the highest grinding capacity on the market. ɰɰDust-proof, fully encapsulated switch for maximum service life. ɰɰ Very thick-walled metal gearbox head made from cast aluminium for maximum stability and service life. ɰɰPerfect ergonomics with 2 handle zones and the smallest handle size for optimum handling even in continuous use. ɰɰPowerful...

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