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Catalogue excerpts

INTERIOR Combining outstanding performance and low weight. FEIN dry wall screw guns – now available as battery or mains-operated versions e s with on ing 1,800 fitt y charge! batter

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FEIN dry wall screw guns – perfect for single and repeated screw fittings. Outstanding quality and unique performance make FEIN dry wall screw guns the ideal tool for all professionals who undertake interior work. No matter whether you have a mains or battery-operated tool, all FEIN dry wall screw guns can be used for both single and repeated screw fittings thanks to the tool-free slip-on magazine. As is the case with all FEIN power tools, the performance and quality of the dry wall screw guns are also tested under the toughest conditions both on construction sites and in the lab. The battery...

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Reliable “Made in Germany” quality. FEIN has been designing, developing and manufacturing screw guns for an extremely wide range of applications in industry and manual trades for more than 40 years. Particularly in the industrial volume production segment, FEIN has been a leading manufacturer of reliable battery-operated screw guns for the automotive industry, for example, for decades. Thanks to this experience and competence, FEIN now produces dry wall screw guns with both mains and battery technology that satisfy the most stringent quality and performance requirements. Two screw guns in one...

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TECHNOLOGY Produce screw fittings up to 6-times quicker with the FEIN magazine M 55. The magazine for all FEIN dry wall screw guns is particularly dustresistant and can be dismantled and cleaned tool-free if required. Thanks to the unobstructed view of the screw tip, precise screwdriving and fitting is made much easier. You can also work with just one hand. Another benefit of the FEIN magazine M 55 is that it is compatible with strips of screws from leading manufacturers. All in all, it provides the best conditions for quick and efficient work progress. Benefits of the FEIN magazine M 55 ɰɰ Particularly...

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TECHNOLOGY FEIN lithium-ion technology with an impressive 2,000 charge ­ ycles per battery. c In conjunction with the motor’s high level of efficiency, FEIN lithium-ion batteries deliver the perfect combination of low weight and high performance. Their extremely long service lives are the result of individual cell monitoring, which protects the batteries from overload, overheating and total discharge, and the particularly efficient charging procedure. The low internal resistance of the high-quality cells minimises the build-up of heat in the battery. The battery can therefore be housed in a closed...

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Silent Silent and wear-free FEIN CLICK-STOP clutch. Dust-protected A dust ring on the bit provides the inside of the machine with effective protection from dust and dirt. Precise The depth stop, which can be adjusted in 0.25 mm steps, delivers the ideal driving depth and ensures the screws are positioned perfectly. 6 Variable Easy to change from individual to autofeed screwdriver thanks to stop sleeve which can be removed tool-free.

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TECHNOLOGY Flexible as a mains-operated tool too. Benefits of the FEIN dry wall screw gun ɰɰ Low weight of just 1.3 kg for fatigue-free working ɰɰ Patented FEIN CLICK-STOP clutch ɰɰ Depth stop can be adjusted and replaced with ease ɰɰ Can be used with and without magazine Easy to use 0m m The small handle size and the ergonomic design guarantee ease of use and virtually fatiguefree working. 19 The specialist for dry wall construction and interior work! The FEIN mains-operated dry wall screw gun SCT 5-40 X and SCT  5 -40 M not only delivers high speed, but outstanding ergonomics too. It’s a lightweight...

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TOOLS AT A GLANCE FEIN dry wall screw guns at a glance. No matter whether it’s a battery or mains-operated version, the FEIN dry wall screw gun and the specially developed accessories enable maximum work progress and perfect results in all applications. Technical data Battery-operated tools Model ASCT 5-40 Light and ergonomic dry wall screw gun with outstanding s ­ ervice life. Mains-operated tools ASCT 5-40 M Light and ergonomic autofeed screwdriver with outstanding service life. SCT 5-40 M SCT 5-40 X Autofeed screwdriver for quick repeated screw fittings. The specialist for drywall and interior...

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TECHNOLOGY Light and powerful – for up to 1,800 screw fittings per battery charge. Offering durable quality, low weight and unique performance, the excellent FEIN lithium-ion technology allows battery-operated tools to deliver impressive performance in continuous use and makes FEIN dry wall screw guns the ideal tool for all professionals who undertake interior work: thanks to the low weight of just 1.6 kg, up to 1,800 screw fittings per battery charge and up to 2,000 battery charge cycles. Benefits of the battery-operated FEIN dry wall screw gun ɰɰ Powerful battery for up to 1,800 screw fittings...

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Original FEIN accessories. General accessories Tool case Plastic, inner dimensions: 470 x 275 x 116 mm Order number 3 39 01 118 01 0 Plastic box Case insert with lockable lid for small parts and accessories, suitable for tool case 3 39 01 118 01 0, max. 5 per case Magazine and accessories Magazine M 55 for collated screws of between 25 and 55 mm in length and with a max. Ø of 5 mm, tool-free changeover, weight 0.4 kg. Order number 9 01 04 007 01 0 High-speed construction screws Fine-pitch screw for fastening drywall to metal substructures, countersunk head, Ø 8 mm Order number 3 39 01 119 00 0...

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Other FEIN tools for drywall construction. Cutting reinforced profiles Cut varying thicknesses of profiles conveniently and safely – with FEIN nibblers and FEIN slitting shears. Fitting reinforced profiles The speed-optimised screwdriver FEIN SCS 4.8 simplifies safe working with self-drilling screws of up to 4.8 mm, prevents wear of the drill bit and ensures safe fittings. Creating and widening openings To install revision flaps or undertake repairs, FEIN recommends the battery-operated FEIN SuperCut with E-Cut saw blade. Virtually dust-free workplace Powerful wet and dry dust extractor for use...

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