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FEIN, the complete supplier for precision screwdriving in industrial volume production. - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Incredible precision. FEIN, the complete supplier for precision screwdriving in industrial volume production.

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FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers – for absolute process reliability, very high cost-efficiency and maximum precision. FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers are specifically designed for the tough requirements of industrial volume production. They offer very high repeat accuracy, maximum precision and enormous flexibility. With a large number or adjustable torque settings, they can handle a range of different screwdriving applications, whilst the programmable versions can tackle individual screwdriving scenarios with the utmost accurac. FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers are ideally equipped for continuous use in industry. ...

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FEIN benefits: ► Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors with high efficiency for up to 30 % more screw connections per battery charge. ► Precise quality screw connections due to narrow tightening tolerances, regardless of the application. ► FEIN industrial-quality Li-ion batteries with SafetyCell Technology for very long lifetime. ► Low maintenance costs due to long service life. ► Process-optimised shut-off screwdrivers are tested for compliance with ISO 5393 and satisfy the machine capability test according to VDI/VDE 2647. ► Made in Germany. FEIN AccuTec baton offset screwdriver Very short baton...

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FEIN AccuTec ASW with torque of up to 60 Nm: highly flexible, powerful and incredibly precise. The latest development for industrial volume production is the AccuTec baton offset screwdriver ASW 18 from FEIN. It effortlessly handles screwdriving applications with up to 60 Nm of torque, not just safely but also at an unrivalled speed. In addition to the impressive maximum torque and speed, both parameters can be individually adjusted for maximum flexibility. FEIN benefits: ꨈꨈ Compact design for working in hard-to-reach places. ꨈꨈ Maintenance-free, brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor. ꨈꨈ Restart delay...

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FEIN AccuTec baton offset screwdrivers at a glance.FEIN AccuTec baton offset screwdrivers up to 14 Nm for 14.4 V Li-ion batteries Model    ASW 14-6    ASW 14-10    ASW 14-14 Torque range    Nm    1.5 - 6    2 - 10    3 - 14 Supplied without battery, charger, angled head or torque wrench. Torque range    Nm Torque range Idling speed Voltage Weight including 18 V, 5 Ah battery and angled head (according to EPTA) CMK value (in relation to 6 Sigma) Order number Supplied without battery, charger, angled head or torque wrench.

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FEIN AccuTec ASM: more than a million screw connections. The FEIN AccuTec screw gun ASM with mid-mounted handle – designed to meet the most stringent speed and precision requirements. The electronically controlled motor speed keeps the nominal speed constant over a wide torque range until the cut-out torque is reached. This saves time when you’re making soft screw connections. With significantly more screw connections per battery charge, the FEIN Li-ion battery also offers a longer period of use in assembly. Clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation One press is all it takes to quickly and easily switch...

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Torque range    Nm Supplied without battery or charger. Supplied without battery or charger. FEIN SafetyCell technology All FEIN Li-ion batteries come with SafetyCell Technology. A separate communication cable reliably protects the battery and tool against overload, overheating and total discharge, making FEIN battery technology both durable and safe.

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FEIN AccuTec with ParameterControl – precision for individual screwdriving applications. In response to assembly procedures, FEIN offers perfect solutions for practically all production processes. In addition to the standard range, FEIN AccuTec ParameterControl screwdrivers are can be set up for individual screwdriving applications. speed and direction of rotation. The constant monitoring of these parameters during operation guarantees a high level of safety. This leads to a significant increase in quality and also measurably optimises the processes in volume production. The individual tightening...

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FEIN benefits: ꨈꨈ o loss of speed when screwdriving in the individual levels thanks N to FEIN speed monitoring. ꨈꨈ reely programmable parameters: speed, direction of rotation, F angle of rotation, torque threshold and time. ꨈꨈ ecording of the screw connection and calibration data takes place R in the maintenance module. ꨈꨈ recise adaptation to the specific screwdriving application through P individual programming. ꨈꨈ The parameters can also be set for anti-clockwise operation. ꨈꨈ 00 % process-optimized. Error criteria settings prevent 1 manipulation of the screwdriving process. ꨈꨈ ecure machine...

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Accessories for ParameterControl Coded sleeve set For colour identification of different models. Clamping adapter for angled head Premium up to 14 Nm With W" square head, suitable for closed Lubbering tongue tool adapter A. Programming adapter For all AccuTec ParameterControl models. Scope of supply: Software on USB card incl. instructions, adapter and connection cable. Li-ion batteries Battery type Extension for ASW 14 86 mm. For reducing the reaction torque. Voltage Capacity Weight Protective cover for baton offset screwdriver Extension for ASW 18 100 mm. For reducing the reaction torque. Battery...

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High tensile strength nylon cord FEIN benefits: ► Small size. ► Constant tensile force. ► Easily installed. ► Spiral cordset available as accessory. Steel rope FEIN benefits: ► Constant tensile force. ► Tear-resistant steel cable. ► Spiral cordset available as accessory. Suspension bracket for ASM / ASW Dimensions (HxWxD): 147x35x2.8 mm The emission values (noise / vibration) for FEIN power tools can be found at

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FEIN. Unverwiistliche Elektrowerkzeuge. The FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers ASCD 18 set new standards, offering screw fastening and release with extremely high torques of up to 158 Nm and low kick-back. The lightweight, fibreglass-reinforced housing makes them extremely compact and robust. The FEIN cordless impact wrenches offer impressive ergonomics, maximum efficiency and reliability. Technical data Model    Cordless impact wrench/driver ASCD 18 W4 Features    ► 4-pole DC motor with overload protection. ► FEIN Li-ion battery with SafetyCell technology. ► W hexagonal socket. ► Compact design. ►...

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