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The FEIN angle grinder series - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Sophisticated, powerful, and reliable. The FEIN angle grinder series.

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In continuous operation for you for over 100 years: The FEIN grinding specialists. Experience is not the only thing, but it is very, very important. Especially when it comes to building power tools for grinding in industry and trades that are as durable, workoriented, ergonomic, and innovative as the tools that FEIN produces. In various performance classes from 800 to 2 ,000 watts for the toughest continuous use – for example, in metal and machinery building. From the handy compact angle grinder to the high-performance, large angle grinder.

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Highlights / Technology Technical specications Profit from FEIN expertise in angle grinder development, production, and assembly. At FEIN, uncompromising high quality in all aspects of angle grinder production is understood. It extends from conception and development through production and on to nal assembly and quality control. Your advantage – our capabilities: Many years of development expertise in motor building, using the most modern methods – for example vibration simulation – contribute to the high efciency. Advanced expertise in motor building: an encapsulated coil protects against abrasive...

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HIGHLIGHTS / TECHNOLOGY Perfectly matched components – for the toughest jobs in industry and trades. FEIN possesses decades of experience in the development and production of angle grinders of the highest quality. All components are matched to each other and contribute to the rst-class quality and outstanding service life. The high-performance motors are an important element: “Made in Germany”. The entire experience and professional knowledge of the FEIN motor construction specialists is built into them. That guarantees rapid work progress in every application. In addition, every FEIN angle grinder...

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HIGHLIGHTS / TECHNOLOGY Safety To assure maximum protection in the workplace, FEIN angle grinders are also available with a full safety package. TipStart operating system on all T models. AutoStop. Securely attached accessories with QuickIN (WSS). Self-start lock. Soft start. Electronic jam protection recognizes stalling of the grinding wheel and immediately shuts off the tool (WS 10 / 14). Reduced vibration Using various design techniques, the FEIN angle grinders achieve extremely low vibration values between 2.5 and 5 m/sec2, even without an anti-vibration handle. Due to these vibration values,...

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FEIN Compact Angle Grinders – with wheel diameters from 41/2 " to 6 ". Extra long service life, performance, handling, and safety – these are what distinguish FEIN angle grinders for industry and trades. The different models offer features that match your needs perfectly. You can obtain them in two styles: either with the classic on/off switch or as a safety angle grinder with FEIN TipStart operation and AutoStop. Benefits: Powerful high-performance motor. Unique ergonomic design. Extremely robust, self-supporting motor construction. Tool-free FEIN QuickIN fast change system (WSS). Best vibration...

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FEIN Angle Grinders – with wheel diameters from 7" to 9". The large FEIN angle grinders are available in two different 2,000 watt models. There is hardly another power tool that incorporates more application technology than the extremely high-performance and durable FEIN angle grinders: patented fast change system and ergonomic shape for all-round perfect working conditions. That automatically puts you on the winning side. Benefits: Powerful high-performance motor. Soft start. Very at gear head to plunge into work pieces. Rear hand grip rotates to 4 positions. High-performance motor For extreme...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW The complete FEIN angle grinder series FEIN WS 10 Power consumption Handy compact angle grinder for light deburring and grinding work. WSG 10-125 S Handy, high-performance compact angle grinder for deburring and grinding work. High-performance compact angle grinder for industry and trades with fast change system. High-performance compact angle grinder for industry and trades with AutoStop. High-performance compact angle grinder for industry and trades. Technical specications Maximum wheel dia. Power consumption No-load speed FEIN High Power Motor Soft start Self-start lock Integrated...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW High-performance compact angle grinder for grinding and cutting work on stainless steel. High-performance compact angle grinder for industry and trades with AutoStop. High-performance compact angle grinder with variable speed for stainless steel processing. High-performance compact angle grinder with variable speed and AutoStop for stainless steel processing. High-performance compact angle grinder for grinding and cutting work. High-performance compact angle grinder for grinding and cutting work with AutoStop. High-performance angle grinder for grinding work. High-performance...

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Original FEIN accessories for WS 10, WS 14, and WS 20. General accessories Anti-vibration handle Vibration-absorbing, to reduce the vibrations during longer jobs. With hook surface, for use with grinding fleece, 5/8" – 11" Tool case Plastic, Interior dimensions: 173/4" x 123/16" x 55/16" Tool case Metal 27" x 97/16" x 65/16" Order number M 14 (WS 20) Protective guard For hand protection Order number Fleece sanding discs for WSG 14-70 E 4 1/2" dia., with hook and loop attachment, for use with backing pad 6 38 06 184 01 0 Order number Order number Inner flange for all WSG Clamping unit for WSS For...

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FEIN high-frequency angle grinders impress with their constant rpm over the entire speed range. Benefits: uniformly high grinding performance with low wheel wear! Lasting maximum performance – with minimal wear: the FEIN high-frequency angle grinder series. FEIN high-frequency angle grinders prove their superiority, above all in industry where lasting maximum performance is demanded. Especially in industrial metal processing – in constant operation for grinding, cutting, and roughing – they possess large power reserves. Typically about 100 % above their rated value. Additional benets: outstanding...

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