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The best oscillators. Since 1967 and in the future. - 60 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FEIN. Unverwiistliche The best oscillators. Since 1967 and in the future. The number one for interior work and renovation.

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“Out of conviction, I only work with the original” Josche Frankenberger, prop maker and furniture designer To find out more, please visit: The FEIN genuine accessories

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An ingenious idea that just keeps getting better. The origin of the original. We invented the oscillating power tool in 1967. We have now been consistently further developing tools and accessories for almost 50 years and so have the most comprehensive system for interior work and renovation on the market today. Numerous patents, such as that for vibration decoupling, demonstrate our unique expertise in manufacturing power tools. Our new Starlock tool mounting once again reinforces our claim to be the number one oscillator supplier – and sees us setting new standards. The first original: the FEIN...

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FEIN SYSTEM The best tools. The best accessories. Systematic success. We don’t consider tools and accessories as stand-alone elements. One cannot achieve its full potential without the other. So we developed a system that ideally combines their strengths. On the one hand, this system comprises our powerful oscillators and on the other, the most extensive range of accessories on the market, opening up an incredibly wide range of use. Together, they provide outstanding precision, maximum comfort, the best work progress and a perfect result. In a nutshell: this system always provides exactly the...

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STARLOCK TOOL MOUNTING Starlock: the new tool mounting standard for oscillating power tools. Discover the technology at: NtErWk! S a loc FEIN benefits with Starlock: ꨈꨈ faster, safer and more convenient tool changes in a record time of less than 3 seconds. ꨈꨈ 100 % power transmission without losses thanks to the 3D form of the tool mounting for maximum work progress. ꨈꨈ The extreme rigidity of FEIN genuine accessories delivers precise results. 3D FORM FOR Simply position accessory in the Starlock mounting and click into place. To release, open clamping lever … TOOL CHANGES...

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FEIN ANTI-VIBRATION SYSTEM Innovative and unique: the FEIN anti-vibration system. The anti-vibration system in the FEIN oscillators decouples the housing and motor to firstly reduce vibrations and noise, making work much more comfortable. Secondly, the new Starlock tool mounting system enables the full motor power to be available to the tool. This maximises work progress while also minimising strain on the user. ꨈF ꨈ lexible damping elements to completely disconnect housing from motor. ꨈꨈ ffective reduction in vibration for E minimal strain on the body and safe working - even with continuous use....

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FEIN ANTI-VIBRATION SYSTEM Depending on application and the accessory used, vibrations only reach vibration class 1 in most cases. Users can therefore work for around 8 times longer* before reaching the daily vibration limit permitted in Germany and most of the EU. Noise can have adverse health implications. The FEIN anti-vibration system almost halves the sound pressure of FEIN oscillators*. This impresses not just users undertaking nonstop sanding work or extensive renovations, but also anyone working nearby. The new FEIN oscillators saw up to 35 % faster than their predecessors. FEIN oscillators...

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FEIN OSCILLATING TOOL RANGE The right tool for every requirement. The most innovative FEIN oscillators. FEIN’s range of oscillating tools and accessories is a high-performance system for professional users. It consists of tried-and-tested FEIN power tools and genuine accessories for interior work and renovation. The zero-compromise FEIN quality, outstanding performance and extremely wide range of accessories fulfil all the user’s requirements. FEIN MultiTalent FEIN MultiMaster The economical alternative for anyone who cannot afford to compromise on quality and output, but still requires a professional...

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FEIN SuperCut The most powerful system for special applications. Indispensable in industries requiring special accessories for particular solutions and maximum performance and service life. The FEIN SuperCut can be combined with all FEIN’s accessories. 450 W / 18 V Suited to Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax accessories. ꨈꨈ Almost 50 years of experience in oscillation technology. ꨈꨈ The high quality you’d expect from a „Made in Germany“tool. ꨈꨈ Unbeatable performance and versatility. ꨈꨈ FEIN genuine accessories for the best res

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FEIN MultiTalent The new FEIN MultiTalent. The best way to get started in professional class oscillators. The FEIN MultiTalent is the tool of choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective professional tool offering ideal value for money, but who does not want to compromise on quality and performance. This universal tool system for interior work and renovation offers access to almost the entire range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories and is setting new standards for all oscillators on the market thanks to its wide range of genuine accessories. NEW! Benefits for you with the FEIN MultiTalent...

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FEIN MultiTalent Benefits of FMT 250 SL / FMT 250 QSL ꨈꨈHigh-power motor. Motor with high copper content for maximum output, more suited to continuous use and overload. Excellent smooth running through use of ball bearing on both sides. Barrel-type design for maximum stability. ꨈꨈIndustrial cable. Large working radius thanks to finely stranded 5 metre rubber cable of industrial quality. Benefits of AFMT 12 SL / AFMT 12 QSL ꨈꨈAnti-vibration system. Self-supporting motor with full separation from the housing provides effective reduction of vibrations. For minimum physical strain, safe working and...

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FEIN MultiTalent SETS The new FEIN MultiTalent. The sets at a glance. FEIN MultiTalent Start FMT 250 SL FEIN MultiTalent QuickStart FMT 250 QSL The universal system for interior work and renovation with the basic accessories needed for sanding and sawing. Tool mounting Screw / hexagon socket Decoupling to reduce vibration Electronic speed setting Tacho generator Soft grip zone Tool change Power consumption Weight [according to EPTA] Cable length Battery voltage Battery capacity 1 FEIN FMT 250 SL, 1 sanding pad and sanding sheets (3 of each grit 80, 120 and 180), 1 universal E-Cut saw blade (44...

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