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C-Astral 2016 catalogue - 15 Pages

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C-Astral 2016 catalogue
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Catalog excerpts

Unmanned Aircraft Systems ENDURING - PRECISION!

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C-ASTRAL Highlights Composite Structures Made from aerospace certified Kevlar, Vectran, Carbon & honeycomb. Performance, Style and Form instead of “styrofoam”. Advanced Aerodynamics Blended Wing Body (BWB) airframes with large payload capacity, highest efficiency and long endurance for better productivity. Unrivaled. Precise Remote Sensing High precision optics and multiple sensor options with INS data logging electronics, enabling a fast, seamless and software agnostic processing chain. ENDURING - PRECISION! Global Tools Need Global Support The C-ASTRAL customer service team is here to assist,...

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C-ASTRAL Family ATLAS UAS HAND LAUNCHED PRE ORDER Q2-2016 DELIVERIES STARTING IN Q4-2016! The mini ATLAS (Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System) is currently the most compact member of the C-ASTRAL UAS family weighing only 2.0 kg! Developed over the last few years by C-ASTRAL X-WORKS, this hand launched system can carry an array of modular sensors, ranging from visible light, infra red, multispectral to custom detectors. The ATLAS excels with a class leading endurance and modularity that enables quick reconfigurations and multiple functionality in a safe, compact, light, hand launched package,...

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Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System “Hand launched takeoff, autonomous flight and parachute landing.” 1h Modular payload and battery compartment Magnetic winglet attachments Easy replaceable pitot tube Advanced composites structure Integrated antenna DIMENSIONS ≥ wingspan: 155 cm ≥ length: 82 cm ≥ central module length: 61 cm ≥ T/O Weight: 2.0 kg Tractor propeller FEATURES ≥ Safe hand launch ≥ Autonomous guidance from take off to landing ≥ Automatic parachute landing ≥ rography capable flight planning O with GSD maintenance over slopes, hills and valleys ≥ Rain proof ≥ Wind resistance...

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Superior situational awareness “The Ultimate C4ISR Solution – easily the most capable and affordable small UAS in its class in the world!“ Integrated parachute Modular airframe Supreme aerodynamic efficiency Retractable EYE-X sensor ≥ wingspan: 230 cm ≥ length: 96 cm ≥ central module length: 67 cm ≥ T/O Weight: 4.5 kg FEATURES ≥ n-flight waypoint management I ≥ amera, Altitude, and Target prosecution guidance modes C ≥ 1-2 person operation ≥ Accurate Parachute Landing in a 30 m x 30 m zone ≥ Convoy following capability ≥ Robust fail-safe system for maximum safety ≥ F light ready in less than 5...

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Precision matters “Data acquisition in the absence of a preplaced grid of ground control points. Efficiency, precision, safety and productivity.” GNSS survey grade antenna Pitot cleaning system DIMENSIONS ≥ wingspan: 230 cm ≥ length: 96 cm Carbon / Kevlar construction Long range data link antennas Integrated sensor (multiple options) ≥ central module length: 67 cm ≥ T/O Weight: 4.7 kg FEATURES ≥ 00% Autonomous 1 ≥ utomatic parachute landing A ≥ rography capable flight planning O with GSD maintenance over slopes, hills and valleys ≥ afe catapult launch S ≥ ain proof R ≥ ind resistance 30 knots...

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Advanced and reliable mapping solution “1.3 cm GSD at 100 m AGL!!! Unrivaled dataset accuracy.” Integrated parachute Highly visible safety orange color Pitot cleaning system Carbon / Kevlar construction DIMENSIONS ≥ wingspan: 230 cm ≥ length: 96 cm ≥ central module length: 67 cm ≥ T/O Weight: 3.8 kg Long range data link antennas Integrated sensor (multiple options) FEATURES ≥ Create Georeferenced maps, DTM, DSM and 3D models ≥ Map over 10 sq km in a single flight ≥ Simple flight preparation procedures ≥ Simple mission planning ≥ Reliable catapult takeoff and parachute landing ≥ More than 20.000...

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A Revolutionary Crop/Field Vision Instrument “Plant health measurement, Agricultural remote sensing applications” Integrated parachute Supreme aerodynamic efficiency Modular airframe Carbon / Kevlar construction Multispectral sensor DIMENSIONS ≥ wingspan: 230 cm ≥ length: 96 cm ≥ central module length: 67 cm ≥ T/O Weight: 3.8 kg * tandard aGRO airframe color is white. S Custom color options upon request. ≥ 100% Autonomous ≥ Automatic parachute landing ≥ Map over 10 sq km in single flight ≥ 8.0 cm/pixel (per band) at 120m AGL ≥ 1 capture per second (all bands) ≥ User-friendly interface The industry...

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VISION UNLIMITED! C4EYE EYE-X EO/IR/LI Gimbal 10 MP ePTZ CMOS RGB visible light sensor LWIR Uncooled bolometer core FLIR QUARK 640 2x, 4x, 8x zoom capability Full Frame Rate 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL) Pixel Pitch 17 μm Spectral Band 7.5-13.5 μm QUARK VPC module Brushless electric motor Pan 360°, Tilt 90° Gyro + Software continuous stabilization 300mW laser illuminator (LI) available at 400-2000nm Image stabilization Target tracking Target geo-location Single sensor gEO/rTK 24.3 MP C-ASTRAL NDVI sensor 24.3 MP (NIR, Vegetation Monitoring, Vegetation Health) C-ASTRAL RGB sensor 42.4 MP Fullframe...

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UNLIMITED PERFORMANCE! BRAMOR OPTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS 016! -2016 IN Q3-2 DER Q1 PRE OR ARTING T RIES S DELIVE EMERGENCY BEACON LOCATOR Find the location of your system with a built-in VHF beacon and handheld receiver. ASTRALTRACK Tracking Antenna Tracking technology for 30 km range DATA and VIDEO transmission. REACH-30 video TX and RX units 2.4 GHz, 30 km LOS video link Basic Bramor C4EYE system package consists of: Basic BRAMOR gEO/rTK system package consists of: Basic ATLAS system package consists of: ≥ BRAMOR C4EYE airframe ≥ KJ-200 GCS ≥ S everal other GCS configurations (dual screen etc.) are...

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Data Samples ELEVATION CONTOURS C-ASTRAL Surveying Systems Map and georeference large areas up to 10 km2 Working phases: ≥ Flight planning ≥ Data acquisition ≥ Image processing Sensor options: Choose your project geometry Map rivers, roads, pipelines 100% autonomous from takeoff to landing Land safely with parachute landing Ability to reconfigure your mission and landing in flight Robust aviation grade fail-safe systems and procedures (Q2 2016) ≥ RGB 24.3 Mp ≥ CIR 24.3 Mp 560-850 nm ≥ Four band, five band or seven band multispectral camera ≥ RIKOLA Hyperspectral 500-900 nm Spectral Step ~ 1 nm C-ASTRAL...

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