Transparency haze-gard plus - 3 Pages

haze-gard plus

The Objective Standard

for a Clear View

The haze-gard plus quantifies the visual perception with objective

measurement data. All essential criteria for transparency can be

measured with one instrument:

■ Total transmittance

■ Transmission haze

■ See-through quality

The Industry Standard

according to ASTM

■ Reference beam, self-diagnosis, and enclosed optics

guarantee accurate readings - anytime

■ Built-in statistics with average, standard deviation, coefficient

of variance, and min/max

■ Large storage capacity and data transfer to a PC for

professional documentation

Quick Measurement of

Variety of Samples

■ Open sample area for small and large specimens

■ Foot switch and automatic measurement allow hands-free


■ Ready for measurement without warm-up time

■ Automatic and long-term calibration allow easy and fast

operation of the hazemeter

■ Operation in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian -



of Measurement Data

Transfer your measurement results from the hazemeter to tl

easy-link software for further data processing in Excel®.

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Transparency haze-gard plus
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    Training for haze-gard plus BYK-Gardner offers you more than just an instrument. We assist you in the operation of the haze-gard plus and understanding your...
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    Exact positioning of films in the hazemeter with a holder guided in a precision Liquids are best measured using cuvettes and the cuvette table track...
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