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BW Technical Catalogue - 51 / 146 Pages

CO, NH3, CI2, H2S, NO2, SO2, HCN or O2
4-20 mA 2-Wire Gas Transmitter
and others
c^^us ^ ^
Fixed Gas Monitoring Systems
Ordering Information
The CD-420 4-20 mA, 2-wire transmitter provides continuous monitoring for toxic and oxygen gas hazards in ambient air. Engineered with BW field-proven industrial sensing and instrument technology, the CD-420 is virtually maintenance free.
A Reduced operating, maintenance and installation costs
A Accurate, reliable performance that eliminates false alarms
A Modular, plug-in encapsulated components and plug-in sensor
A Linear 4-20 mA output with a wide supply voltage range (12 to 35 V)
A Electrochemical sensor
A Micropower analog technology, draws only 20 mA in operation A Hinged operations door A Power ON LED
A If a system fault occurs or the sensor is degrading, the CD-420 will transmit a signal to the controller.
A Change the measuring range or gas sensed in the field (all models except CD-420-3 series carbon monoxide models)
A 2 year, non-prorated instrument and sensor warranty
Transmitter with Sensor and Measuring Range Module Selected
CD-420-M(#) CO*
CD-420-A(#) NH3
CD-420-H(#) H2S*
CD-420-C(#) Cl2*
CD-420-D(#) NO2*
CD-420-S(#) SO2*
CD-420-X(#) O2*
CD-420-Z(#) HCN*
CD-420-3M(#) CO
CD-420-3A(#) NH3
CD-420-3H(#) H2S
CD-420-3C(#) Cl2
CD-420-3D(#) NO2
CD-420-3S(#) SO2
CD-420-3X(#) O2
CD-420-3A2-LT NH
Note: # = Measuring Range. To specify see table on back page. For other gases contact BW Technologies. - field interchangeable measuring range modules
Accessories and Spares
Sensor Separation Kit Remote Duct Mount Kit VDC Field Relay Module VAC (110-230) Field Relay Module
CO sensor
SO2 sensor NO2 sensor
HCN sensor
O2 sensor
NH3 sensor (0-500ppm)
CO sensor
sensor sensor
PS-RX01 PS-R601* PS-RM08*
3 sensor (0-100ppm)
PS-RA601-LT* N
iso9001:2000 Registered
- CD-420-3 models only
Email: info@bwtnet.com
BW Technical Catalogue
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