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Tension Compression Load Cell Model 8435

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Tension Compression Load CellModel 8435 Application This tension and compression load cell is designed as a compact and universal sensor, which provides a high level of precision at a low price. Made of stainless steel, the sensor has small dimensions and allows easy assembly in existing structures where static and dynamic forces need to be measured. This load cell is typically used for measuring forces, weights, coefficients of friction, sliding friction and adhesion on fitting devices, handling gear, coupling mechanisms, loading machines and operating devices. A load-centering plate is offered as an accessory for simple installation of the load cell in a girder assembly. ■ Measuring ranges from 0 ... 200 N to 0 ... 5000 N ■ Small dimensions ■ Simple mounting ■ Made of stainless steel ■ For tension and compression forces Description This model of load cell uses proven strain gauge technology to perform measurements. Strain gauges are applied to the sensitive element and connected to form a full bridge. The electrical resistance of this full bridge increases with the load acting on it, so that the bridge supplies an output voltage proportional to the measurement variable. This model allows the force application of two kinds: compression via the load application button and tension via the centric internal thread. The measurement range of 0 ... 5000 N is supplied exclusively with the integrated load application button. The sensor has to be mounted on a level surface using screws fitted through the three bore holes in the outer ring. To achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy, the sensor should not be subject to lateral forces. A strain-relief and an anti-bend mechanism for the connection cable are integrated in the sensor housing. Technical changes reserved -Latest updates of data sheet always under www.burster.com burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg ■ Tel. +49-7224-6450 ■ Fax 64588 Talstr. 1-5 ■ DE-76593 Gernsbach ■ www.burster.com ■ info@burster.com

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Electrical values Bridge resistance (full bridge circuit): foil strain gauge 350 Q, nominal1 Calibration shunt resistor: 100 kQ ± 0.1 % The bridge output signal resulting from a shunt of this value is shown in the calibration certificate. measuring range 0 ... 200 N maximum 5 V DC measuring range > 0 ... 500 N maximum 10 V DC 1) Deviations from the stated value are possible. Environmental conditions Range of operating temperature: - 30 °C ... 80 °C Nominal temperature range: 15 °C... 70 °C Influence of temperature on zero: < ± 0.02 % F.S./K Influence of temperature on sensitivity: < + 0.03...

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