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High Precision Pressure Trancducer

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High Precision Pressure Trancducer For absolute pressure measurement Model 8262 For relative pressure measurement Model 8263 ■ Measuring ranges between 0 ... 10 psi to 0 ... 7500 psi (0 ... 0.7 bar to 0 ... 500 bar) ■ Accuracy < 0.05 % ■ For dynamic and static measurements ■ Very low sensitivity to temperature ■ Very high operating temperature range ■ Output 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA available (optional) Application High-precision pressure transducers of this type are a very attractive and economic solution for making extremely accurate pressure measurements for users from all fields of engineering. Thanks to their excellent long-term stability, reliability and rugged construction, these pressure transducers are suitable for use in both research and production, in mechanical engineering, industrial processes, aerospace engineering and many other applications. These high-precision pressure transducers can be used for static and dynamic measurements on gaseous and liquid media. Range of applications: ► Process monitoring ► Aerospace engineering ► Research and science ► Reference measurements on calibration equipment Description The high precision, extraordinary temperature compensation and high reliability are achieved through extremely precise manufacturing and calibration. The medium to be measured is conducted via the pressure connector into a sealed chamber where it acts on a diaphragm. This diaphragm is connected to the sensor element, a double bending beam, via a rod. There are two types of transducers for different measuring modes: 8262: Measurement of absolute pressure with respect to enclosed vacuum or, for measurement ranges of 500 psi and up, with respect to a permanently enclosed atmosphere (sealed gauge). 8263: Relative pressure sensors for measuring the pressure with respect to the atmosphere (true gauge). In this type, contact is made to the surrounding air pressure by means of a second membrane made of stainless steel. This allows the sensor to be used in harsh industrial environments as well, without the sensor element being attacked. A special connecting cable is available to let you benefit from the burster TEDS electronic data sheet (memory chip fitted in the plug and containing sensor-specific data). Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burster.com burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany www.bursler.com Talstr. 1-5 Gernsbach 76593 Phone +49-7224-6450 info@bursler.com

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Technical Data Order Code Tranducers with measuring ranges 10 psi and 15 psi have a diameter of 51 mm. Transducers with internal measurement amplifier are 26 mm longer and approx. 100 g heavier. Electrical values Bridge resistance: Foil strain gauges; input and output resistance 350 Q ± 1.5 % Calibration resistor :    59 kQ ± 0.1 % The output voltage caused by a shunt of this value is given in the calibration protocol. Excitation voltage:    10 V DC Nominal sensitivity:    standardized 2.0 mV/V ± 0.2 % Technical Data with Internal Amplifier Environmental conditions Range of operating...

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