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Data Shett Subminiature Load Cell Model 8413 Model 8414 with overload protection

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Subminiature Load Cell Model 8413 Model 8414 with overload protection Application This miniature force sensor was optimised with respect to its height and is, at only 3.4 mm, the lowest known sensor with strain gauge technology. Hardly higher than the diameter of its connection cable, it can also be housed in conditions where space is limited. Along with its minimal geometry, the force sensor is also particularly light. It has a high resonance frequency to follow quickly changing load alternations. Despite its extreme miniaturisation, in its application it remains completely robust and suitable for industry, not only with regard to the highly flexible cable connections or the full welding of sensors for the measurement ranges > 0 ... 10 N. Examples of applications are ■ Measuring ranges 0 ... 2.5 N to 0 ... 5 kN ■ Especially flat design from 3.3 mm ■ Non-linearity 0.25 % of full scale ■ Model 8414 with mechanical overload protection ■ Temperature compensation - 55 °C ... 120 °C ■ Made of high quality stainless steel ■ High frequencies of resonance Description The miniature compression force sensors are flat, cylindrical discs with covered bottoms. The central load application button for taking on compression forces is an integrated part of the top, which is the sensor's membrane. On its bottom, the strain gauges are fixed on the inside of the housing and interconnected with a full Wheatstone bridge. This passes on, for force applications, an output voltage which is directly proportional to the size of the measurement. The connection cable exits radially from the sensor housing and is additionally stabilised by a case for measurement ranges > 0 . 10 N. The support area of the bottom of the sensor is circular, however arranged circularly for measurement ranges < 0 ... 5 N. ► Adjustment of gauges ► Force measurements on the inside of precision tools ► Monitoring of control elements ► Regulation of forces in medical technology ► Control instruments in precision machinery ► Adjustment and pre-load of devices ► Measurement technology in aircraft construction ► Fitting of test components and prototypes Technical changes reserved -Latest updates of data sheet always under burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg • Tel. +49-7224-6450 • Fax 64588 Talstr. 1-5 • DE-76593 Gernsbach • • info@

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* Measurement ranges < 0 ... 5 N have circular contact surfaces on the bottom with 0 8.5 mm ** Cable at this length rigid but without a case black green white Dimensions: Weight: Electrical values Bridge resistance (full bridge): measuring ranges < 0 ... 5 N measuring ranges > 0 ...10 N Excitation: Nominal value: Shunt calibration resistor: measuring ranges < 0 ... 5 N 10 kQ ± 0.1 % The bridge output voltage caused by a shunt of this value is shown in the calibration certificate. Environmental conditions Range of operating temperature: - 55 °C ... + 120 °C Nominal temperature range: + 15 °C...

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