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Data Sheet Typ 8625

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Delivery: ex stock / 2 weeks High Precision Torque Sensor For non-rotating applications Model 8625 8625 EN Application This high precision torque sensor is designed for both static and dynamic measurements on non-rotating applications. It is particularly suitable for torque measurements on, for instance, extremely small electrical actuating drives and micro-mechanical actuator elements, or for measuring reaction torques e.g. on micro-motors. The high accuracy of measurement also makes this sensor ideal for use as a reference in many fields of industrial manufacture as well as laboratory research and development projects. Not containing any rotating parts, it requires no maintenance if properly used. Available accessories include mounting brackets and flange adapters, which enable quick, easy and practical integration of the sensor into existing or newly developed setups and test benches. Other possible applications: ► Test setup for precision mechanics ► Measuring the frictional torque of bearings ► Measuring the torques applied to vehicle control elements and knobs ► Acquisition of breakage moments on screw caps Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at ■ Measurement ranges from 0 ... 0.01 Nm to 0 ... 10 Nm ■ Linearity error from < 0.05 % F.S. ■ Standardized output signal ■ Output signal ± 10 V / USB (optional) ■ Tare function, filter and average values configurable ■ Optional with burster TEDS Description The strain-gauge based sensor’s modular design allows precise configuration for the desired application: ► mV/V with standardized output signal ► ± 10 V output signal, configuration via USB ► ± 10 V output signal, configuration and measurement via USB With the integrated amplifier option, the sensor directly supplies a voltage signal of 0 ... ± 10 V that is proportional to the torque. The sensor can be configured via the micro-USB interface, providing access to, for example, a filter frequency setting, averaging, and a tare function. With the USB option, in addition to the voltage output, the measurement function is available via USB as well. The supplied DigiVision software can be used for measuring and storing data, or additionally drivers for e.g. LabVIEW are available. Integration into custom software is possible via DLL. The burster TEDS option (electronic data sheet, memory chip with sensor-specific data) allows rapid configuration of compatible evaluation units (instrumentation amplifier, indicator, ...). burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 Gernsbach 76593 Phone +49-7224-6450

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Technical Data Order code higher measurement ranges on request Dimensional drawing standard sensor Dimensional drawing bracket-mounted model Dimensional drawing flange-mounted model Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 Gernsbach 76593 Phone +49-7224-6450

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Flange-mounted modelBracket-mounted model The flange adapter allows easy integration of the sensor in existing equipment with a flange connection. When ordered with the sensor, the flange adapter comes prefitted; please refer to order code. Alternatively it can be ordered separately as an accessory. Model 8625-Z001 Please refer to the accessories data sheet for further technical details. The bracket provides a quick-to-fit and stable fixture for the sensor. When ordered with the sensor, the bracket comes pre-fitted; please refer to order code. Alternatively it can be ordered separately as...

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Technical Data Order Code Higher measuring ranges on request. 5 ... 30 VDC (or 5 V via USB) approx. 1 W ± 10 V < 500 Ohm zero (binding capability) 5000 Hz < 50 mV ss 10.00 VDC Technical Data without amplifier Electrical values Bridge resistance (full bridge): 1000 Q Environmental conditions Range of operating and nominal temperature: Sensitivity of temperature effects: at zero: < 0.05 Nm Electrical connection 7 pins plug connection (mating connector included on sensor delivery) Technical Data with amplifier/USB Electrical values Rated supply voltage range: DC power consumption: Output...

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