Data Sheet Miniature Bending Beam Load Cell With mechanical overload protection - 2 Pages

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Data Sheet Miniature Bending Beam Load Cell With mechanical overload protection

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Miniature Bending Beam Load Cell With mechanical overload protection Model 8510 ■ For tension and compression forces ■ Small measuring ranges from 0 ... 1 N to 0 ... 20 N ■ Mechanical protection against overload up to quintuple range ■ Compact size ■ Easy installation ■ Special design upon request Application The model 8510 bending beam load cell is suitable for measuring small and extremely small applied forces. The mechanical overload protection available for all measuring ranges prevents the sensor from being damaged by excessively high static and quasi-static loads which can occur during measurement and installation. The sensor can be extended axially, e.g. by a finger, which does not influence the measuring. Essential application of this sensor include measurement and testing of the following components: ► Switches (limit-, micro- and toggle-switches) ► Buttons ► Contact coupling and contact decoupling forces ► Frictional forces ► Spring characteristics ► Tension of wire and string windings Description The sensor element consists of a double bending beam with applied strain gauges. Changes in the ohmic resistance of the strain gauge full-bridge caused by applied forces are converted into electrical voltages. The precise value (characteristic value) of the output voltage, resulting from the application of a rated force to the sensor, is specified in the accompanying calibration protocol. The sensor has to be mounted by two screws on the cable side. The opposite side is meant to receive applied forces (loads). Once the rated stress or strain is exceeded by 20 %, further deflection of the bending beam is prevented by an integrated, mechanical stop. This protects the sensor element against permanent deformation. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 Gernsbach 76593 Phone +49-7224-6450

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Electrical values Bridge resistance: full-bridge, foil type strain gauge 350 Q, nominal* Excitation: measuring range 0 ... 1 N max. 3 V measuring range 0 ... 2 N and above max. 5 V Nominal value: 1 mV/V, nominal* The bridge output voltage resulting by a shunt of this value is specified in the calibration certificate. * Deviations from the stated value are possible Dimensional drawing model 8510 Environmental conditions Temperature operating: Temperature compensated: Temperature effect zero: Temperature effect span: The CAD drawing (3D/2D) for this sensor can be imported online directly into...

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