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IsoMet™ 1000 Precision Sectioning Saw
Designed for those who demand sample integrity and rapid sectioning capabilities, the IsoMet 1000 is a fully enclosed, precision
sectioning saw designed for cutting various types of material with minimal deformation. Its great versatility in chucking allows for
holding all types of sample shapes and configurations giving today’s laboratory a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually
any material including brittle or ductile metals, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic devices, and biomaterials.

Sample Arm
Diamond Wafering Blades
• Accepts 4” – 7” blades
• HC, LC, and CBN blades available

• Holds a variety of chucks
• Can be set to stop a
certain postition

Enclosed Cutting Chamber
Gravity-fed Specimen
• Loads with sliding weight
• Reproducible cutting

• Transparent hood protects user
• Optional table attachment for larger parts

Dressing Stick Feed
Easy Sample Positioning
• Quickly adjust sample cut
• Allows for adjustment after

Simple Controls
• Membrane touch-pad control
• LED display allows operator to
quickly set cutting parameters

• Manual dial feeds dressing stick into blade
• Allows for blade dressing during a cut

Coolant Tank
• Easy to clean and
change coolant
• Easy removal of cut

Versatile Chucks
• Optional rotating chuck to reduce
contact area and frictional heat
• Dressing chuck available
• Irregular specimen chucking

At a Glance
• A wide selection of chucks, fixtures, and rotating vises guarantee proper fixturing
• Gravity feed design allows for reproducibility and minimal
sample deformation
• Can be set to turn off at a predetermined cutting depth
• Optional rotating chuck decreases heat from cutting

• Table saw attachment enables manual sectioning of larger
• Removable coolant tray for fast cleaning and easy removal of
cut samples
• Blade dressing device available for rapid dressing during cutting
• Accepts 4in, 5in, 6in, and 7in diameter blades

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    IsoMet™ 1000Precision Sectioning SawSolutions for Materials Preparation, Testing and Analysis
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    The 11-2181 Rotating/Ocsillating ChuckAccessory is available for sectioningdifficult materials.The 11-2482 Fastener Chuck makeslongitudinal bolt sections...
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    IsoMet™ 1000 AccessoriesSmall, Double Saddle ChuckTable Saw AttachmentRotating Chuck AssemblySecurely holds specimen up to0.875in [22mm] from 2 pointsTransforms...
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