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IsoMet® 1000 PRECISION SECTIONING SAW - 2 / 8 Pages

IsoMet™ 4000 & 5000 Linear Precision Saws
Integrated Cooling
Automated Operation
• Start cutting and walk away
• Serial sectioning cuts parts into
multiple pieces without the
need to re-clamp*
• Automatic blade dressing
prolongs blade life
• Integrated coolant delivery system
floods sample from both sides of
the blade while tracking with blade
• Coolant hose can be used for
Large, Versatile Workspace
• Complete line of accessories
for clamping any specimen
• Removable T-slot beds
maximze cutting envelope
Simple to Operate
• SmartCut™ System prevents
over heating specimens,
improving cut quality
• Manual blade positioning
speeds set-up
• Accessible emergency stop
IsoMet Family
The IsoMet 4000 & 5000 Precision Saws cut materials with minimal
specimen deformation and low kerf loss. The IsoMet 4000 & 5000
saws feature a manual blade positioning knob that accelerates setup while clamping a specimen in a large unrestricted workspace. A
wide selection of vises allow the user to precisely section virtually
any material including metals, ceramics, composites, cements,
laminates, plastics, electronic components, and biomaterials.
*IsoMet 5000 only
Unimpeded Viewing
• Clearly view specimen through
impact resistant safety hood
Features and Benefits
• Large open workspace workspace provides excellent visibility
during cutting and unrestricted access while clamping the
• Linear feed mechanism with variable feed rate sections even the
most delicate specimens
• Automated sectioning enhances lab productivity
• Versatile vising and blade options provide optimal sectioning for
any shape specimen
• Manual blade positioning for quick setup and retraction
• SmartCut system monitors and adjusts feed rates to enhance
surface quality and prevent damage to specimen or machine

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    IsoMet™ 4000 & 5000Linear Precision SawsSolutions for Materials Preparation, Testing and Analysis
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    The IsoMet™ 4000 and 5000 saws havevises which hold long samples for slotcutting applications with 11-2692 (shown)and cutting samples on an angle.The...
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    Coolant hose doubles as a clean-out hose for easy maintenance.Internal recirculating tank can be cleaned without removing theblade.The IsoMet 4000 has...
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    IsoMet™ 4000IsoMet 500013.25in[337mm]13.25in[337mm]29.5in[750mm]29.5in[750mm]21.5in[544mm]21.5in[544mm]Approx. Weight: 130 lbs [56kg]SpecificationsIsoMet...
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    Ordering InformationIsoMet™ 4000 and 5000• Simple to operate, automatic precision saw• SmartCut™ adjusts feed rate to eliminate...
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    Accessories11-2682 1.25in [32mm]Double Saddle Chuck11-2683 1.25in [32mm]Single Saddle Chuck11-2684 1.25in [32mm]Mount Chuck11-2685 1.5in [38mm]Mount Chuck11-2686...
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