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Upgrade Your Dreams Your one-stop shop for comfort solutions | Seat Actuation | Control Panels | Pneumatic Systems

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Seat Actuation Customization Control Panels Are you looking for state-of-the-art comfort components? Or are you searching for an innovative seat control and actuation system? Bühler Motor is your one-stop shop not only for components, but also for complete systems as well as customer specific developments. One-stop-shop for Comfort Solutions Pneumatic Systems

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»> fast forward solutions Your one-stop shopfor Comfort Solutions Components    Systems    Customer specificdevelopments ► Actuators ► Electrics and Electronics ► Actuators ► Control Panels ► PAXCOM Seat Actuation System: an innovative system with our perfectly matched components. ► Pneumatic Systems ► Lights

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Flexible Seat Architecture 3 Modular CAN-based Seat Actuation System scalable from Business Class Seat and Super First Class Seat to Cockpit Seat 3 Multiple Smart Actuator families available to support a variety of seat kinematics 3 4 PAX per system with a total of 32 devices 3 Just one power supply needed for up to 4 PAX 3 Installation efforts reduced, through to the simplified harness concept & quick-lock connectors 3 Less calibration efforts required during seat installations 3 Easy configuration management Fotolia © MO_SES One-stop-shop for Comfort Solutions Convincing Benefits for...

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Easy on site support enables us to permanently monitor and optimize the complete seat system. With continuous data logging and analysis we avoid unplanned maintenance with advanced scheduled tasks. Knowing exactly what and when to service, lowers maintenance costs and increases passenger satisfaction. High availability, high passenger satisfaction and quick turn-around times lower your total cost of ownership. 'Big Data' analysis not only helps to make predictive maintenance come true, it also gives valuable insights in usage patterns and passenger behavior. It's the basis for...

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Seat Actuation PAXCOM System ► An intelligent system for seat control and actuation to provide solutions for variable seat kinematics ► Modular CAN-based Seat Actuation System ► Scalable from Cockpit Seat up to Super First Class Seat ► Enhanced Connectivity for easy implementation of discrete and/or smart buyer-furnished equipment (BFE) ► Multiple Smart Actuator families available to support a variety of seat kinematics ► Innovative maintenance concept with advanced data logging and analysis ► Smooth and ergonomic seat motion, optimized seat kinematics and enhanced reliability for best...

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Maximized User Comfort PAXCOM Basis PAXCOM Optional 3 D6-36440, Standard Cabin System Requirements Document 3 RTCA DO160G, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment 3 D6-44588, Electrical Requirements for Utilization Equipment Installed on Commercial Transport Airplanes 3 RTCA DO178B, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification 3 D6-51377, Airplane Fire Worthiness Design Criteria - Pressurized Compartments

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PAXCOM Actuators: Linear, Rotary, Compact Seat Actuation 3 Smart Actuator including integrated motion controller BLDC Drive Motor – Servo Drive behavior High-precision positioning Smooth, silent movement Programmable start/stop ramp and obstacle detection 3 Enhanced data logging & analysis capabilities 3 3 3 3 3 Modular gear reduction system 3 Variable force/torque range 3 Variable speed range 3 Customized stroke lengths and mounting attachments 3 Manual override 3 Simple calibration for Rotary Actuator; plug-and-play for linear and compact actuator 3 Easy configuration management Fotolia ©...

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Buhler Motor »> fast forward solutions PAXCOM Power Supply PAXCOM Discrete    PAXCOM Extended SeatLine Controller (DLC)    Interface Device (eSID) ► Easy implementation of discrete and smart buyer-furnished equipment (BFE) ► Various input & output channels ► Integration of up to two 5x5 Matrix PCUs ► Hosting of software packages for automatic software load to all devices ► BITE data logging ► 115V AC WF Power input ► 4 PAX outlets ► Integrated enable/disable function ('Kill Switch') also for single outlets ► Quick lock plugs ► Modular system for connector input box ► Thermal management ►...

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Passenger Control Units Control Panels Capacitive touch sensors combined with a robust glass surface provide the passenger with a superior look-and-feel experience. The mechanical Control Panels, called Hard Buttons, are an alternative to the Glass PCUs.

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Fully customizable 3 Glass button and frame design Our PCUs convince with a proven MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of more than 2 millions flight hours. This translates into less downtime, less maintenance and less repair. Over the long run you do not only benefit from a higher passenger satisfaction, but also from a lower total cost of ownership. 3 Size, shape, color, surface finish and function 3 Background lighting and brightness levels 3 Lighting for buttons, areas or entire screen 3 Brightness modes e.g. sleep, standby and 3 Day and night design options 3 Button functionality and...

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Lumbar System Pneumatic Systems The 4-way Lumbar System ensures a very high level of passenger comfort. 3 Very low noise 3 Very low weight 3 Massage function available 3 Can be installed into nearly every seat structure 3 Standard cushion size which is customizable to customer needs 3 Tube length adaptable to the seat structure

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Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) by Lantal 3 Smart technology for best passenger comfort 3 Lowest operating cost through to weight savings and 3 Passengers can select personal cushion firmness 3 Integrated lumbar support and full body massage 3 Can be cleaned and sanitized on the spot, fluids cannot penetrate cushion For further information please visit: Environmental tests according to DIN EN 60601-1-11 Gearbox end shield customizable for customer application

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