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Complete Drive Solutions for Healthcare Applications - 20 Pages

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Complete Drive Solutions for Healthcare Applications
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Catalog excerpts

      Your Idea – Our Drive ... Complete Drive Solutions for Healthcare Applications

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Solutions for Drug Delivery Devices 2 Medical Equipment 10 Drug Delivery Devices New drugs and new treatments ... New drugs and treatment methods require new medical devices, such as wearable or stationary injection devices.

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Drives for Drug Delivery Devices: 3  Volume Wearable Injectors       Large 3      Insulin Pumps 3      Use Drug Delivery Devices Single 3  Pumps     Patch New Treatments, New Delivery Solutions ... call for new delivery devices ... ... driven by innovative technology ... Automated subcutaneous, large volume delivery of potentially highly-viscous drug formulation over time makes a motorized solution necessary. Our competence and experience in the area of drive technology is the basis for miniaturized diagnostic, therapeutic, and medical dosing system applications. ... with certified quality With...

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A Case Study: Self-medication anytime anywhere Drug Delivery Devices The disposable single-use cartridge contains everything that comes into contact with the drug or the body: micro piston pump, needle insertion and retraction mechanism, fluid reservoir and base plate. The reusable activator includes drive unit, battery, electronics, LED light indicators and a speaker. Easily wearable patch pump for subcutaneous delivery

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Transformative product for subcutaneous drug delivery Lexington, MA based scPharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company, has partnered with Swiss-based Sensile Medical AG, to design and produce its new sc2Wear patch pump. For the drive technology of the device, Sensile relied on Bühler Motor as supplier, as well as development partner. The sc2Wear pump is made up of two main components: An activator, resuable up to 300 times, and a single use cartridge. A custom drive unit for pumping the drug, activating the needle and dispensing the medicine The drive unit for the micro piston pump was developed...

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Drug Delivery Devices The tightly integrated drive inside the reusable activator The core of the drive solution: The gear motor

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Customized Drive Solutions Fast and Flexible From RFQ to mass production in just two and a half years Special care was given to minimize the noise levels of the planetary gear train, allowing personal discretion to the patient during use. In addition, to maintain the highest quality standards, the micro-molding of the planetary gears, the planet carrier, and the pinion is done in-house at Bühler Motor in Germany. The overall objective for the development of the complete device was to offer the most advanced features for safety and convenience, with the cost and utility of a disposable product....

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The Bühler Motor Micro-Drive Planetary Gear Platform Drug Delivery Devices This platform serves as a starting point for your customized micro-drive solution. It speeds up the process leading to the clinical trials. It allows you to get your hands on samples faster and it minimizes your time to market. Typical Applications: 3  Volume Wearable Injectors       Large 3      Insulin Pumps 3      Use Drug Delivery Devices Single 3  Pumps     Patch

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Buhler Motor Faster to the Start of Clinical Trials8 mm Gear Motors    15 mm Gear Motors

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Medical  Equipment Based on established motors and gear motors, millions of which have proven themselves, we create a completely customized solution matching your specific needs. 3  Motors from 1 W - 250 W       DC 3  Motors 40 W - 325 W       BLDC 3  Motors from 1 Ncm - 7 Nm       Gear 3

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Drives for Medical Equipment:  3        Chairs Dental 3  Analysis     Lab 3      Infusion Pumps 3      Inhalers 3      Patient Lifts 3  Lifts     Stair 3  Vending     Drug 3      Wheelchairs drive solution made easy Armature winding modifications, different shafts, selected brushes, alternative materials for gears and different gear reductions in gear boxes transform these drives into your personal solution. Saving you time to market and giving you more value for your money. Countless accessory parts such as hall sensors, encoders, sheet metal parts, gear boxes, pulleys, lead wires, plug connectors,...

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Fast Forward Solutions ... ... for the challenges of the healthcare industry ► High power ► High efficiency ► Long life ► C

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Buhler Motor Nuremberg, DE    Hradec Kralovi' CZ Yokohama, JP Q 0 Shanghai, CN 0 Hong Kong, CN • Zhuhai, CN Fast and Flexible Strong enough to meet the toughest demands Buhler Motor stands for highly-efficient, cost-optimized electrical drive solutions with a small package size, customized to your specific needs. With its internal capabilities: advanced development, ► More than 1,700 employees worldwide ► 10 locations on 3 continents ► More than 120 engineers ► More than 20 million units per year prototype sample construction and test centers, Buhler Motor is perfectly positioned to realize even...

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Engineering, Quality and Production Competence ... System Expertise Immersing ourselves in our customers‘ systems and applications is one of our great strengths. Technology Development Our Advance Development group allows us to anticipate future development needs within our target markets, independent of customer projects, and to develop viable solutions there. Bühler Motor´s Technology Development team looks far into the future. It identifies and investigates technical trends in our core markets and new technologies being developed in other branches. As a result, we are able to offer our customers...

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Buhler Motor Engineering Services Utilizing simulations, our own prototyping unit, and our internal test capabilities, we are able to produce prototypes faster, therefore safeguarding your concept. Simulation ► Motor design and magnetic circuit simulation ► Strength calculations ► Flow simulations ► Simulation of complex systems ► Vibration analyses ► Temperature field calculations ► Injection molding simulations (Moldflow) Testing ► EMC measurements: insulation and high-voltage tests, ESD tests and electrical parameter tests ► Environmental tests: climate and thermal shock, salt spray, thawing...

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