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Vacuum Controller V-850/V-855 - 2 Pages

The Vacuum Controller V-850 and V-855 can be universally used for the display, adjustment
and control of vacuum. The integrated aeration valve and the precision pressure sensor is
to chemicals making the Vacuum Controller a compact unit suitable for numerous
in the Lab. The novel speed control feature when used with the Vacuum Pump
V-700 or V-710 allows for hysteresis-free vacuum control with quiet operation.
The following advantages distinguish this
Vacuum Controller:
Easy operation with control knob, large graphic
display screen
Intuitive menu guidance, selection of 6 languages
Solvent database for convenient setting of distillation
Timer function for process termination after
prespecified time
LabVac function for control of laboratory vacuum
The Vacuum Controller V-855 offers the
additional features:
Gradient and repetition function for gentle distillation
meeting high requirements
EasyVac function: automatic evaporation based
on vapor pressure detection
Gentle Autodistillation through detection of the
distillation front in the condenser for varying solvents
and mixtures
Vacuum Controller

Vacuum Controller V-850/V-855
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    160 mm105 mm50 mm120 mm63 mmMeasuring range 1400–0 mbar (hPa), 1050-1 TorrControl range 1100–1 mbar (hPa), 825-1 TorrMeasuring principle Capacitive,...
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