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Industrial Evaporation - 24 Pages

Industrial Evaporation
The next generation

Industrial Evaporation
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    For more than 50 years the rotary evaporators from Büchi Labortechnik AG have focusedon ease of use, durability and quality. For this reason, 20-year-old...
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    The industrial Rotavapors were developed to be of universal application, covering analmost endless range of applications. Most typically the industrial...
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    Feed valveQuick or continuous additionof sample without breakingvacuumPatented flask clampSnap action mechanism –quick, easy and safeUniversal heating...
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    5Other impressive characteristics:Safe and easy operationDirect access to all glass componentsPTFE base outlet valve for chemicalresistant easy emptyingFront...
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    Our industrial rotary evaporators were developed with a focus on efficiency and safety.To increase efficiency there are generally two options. Either increase...
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