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Brooks® Model MT 3810
Data Sheet
March, 2008
Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter with Optional
Electronics based on Smart Meter Manager™ Technology
• Broad range of flow capacities
• 5% Full scale accuracy
• Versatile construction for all gas and liquid
• No back pressure required for operation
• Flanged or female NPT connections
• Optional 4-20 mA and HART® programmable
microprocessor transmitter with or without
alarms and pulse output for totalization
• Electronics designed with either intrinsically safe
or explosion proof construction to meet UL (US &
Canada) ATEX certifications and CE requirements
The Brooks® Model MT 3810 Variable Area Flowmeter
is a rugged, all metal flowmeter offering 5% full scale
accuracy. The MT 3810 is constructed with stainless
steel components for measuring a variety of liquid and
gas applications.
Flow rate indication is provided by means of magnetic
coupling where a magnet, encapsulated in the float, is
coupled to a rotatable magnet located in the rear of the
indicator, thus turning the dial indicator mounted on the
Optional accessories available include 4-20 mA output
with HART microprocessor transmitter with or without
configurable alarms and pulse output for totalization.
The microprocessor electronics are based on the
proprietary Smart Meter Manager technology utilized
as the basis for an array of Brooks products. Also
available are front adjustable inductive alarms.
Capacities, Pressure Drop and Viscosity Immunity
Refer to Table 1
Standard Flow Accuracy: ± 5% Full Scale
0.25% Full Scale
Pressure Ratings
Refer to Table 2 for maximum non-shock pressure
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC
Flow meter complies under Sound Engineering
Practices (SEP) or Catagories I, II or III.
Refer to Table 1
Standard: Detachable aluminum plate single or dual
Graduations: Choice of direct reading units, millimeter
or percentage of maximum flow
Operating Fluid Temperature Limits/Meter only
Minimum: -58°F (-50°C)
Maximum: 420°F (215°C)
Meter with valve: 392oF (200oC)
Refer to Table 3 for temperature limitations for meters
with electronics.
Model MT 3810

Brooks® Model MT 3810
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    2Brooks® Model MT 3810Data SheetDS-VA-MT3810-engMarch, 2008Table 1 Model MT 3810 Capacities, Pressure Drop and Viscosity Immunity CeilingMATERIALS...
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    3Brooks® Model MT 3810Data SheetDS-VA-MT3810-engMarch, 2008Table 3 Maximum Fluid Temperature at 104°F (40°C) Ambient617°F134448600°F140450500°F170480400°F195515300°F215560Flange...
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    4Brooks® Model MT 3810Data SheetDS-VA-MT3810-engMarch, 2008Figure 1 Model MT 3810 Meter DimensionsConnection1/2" NPT-F1" NPT-F1-1/2" NPT-F2" NPT-FWEIGHT...
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    5Brooks® Model MT 3810Data SheetDS-VA-MT3810-engMarch, 2008Design Features• A 2-wire, loop-powered device for ease of wiringand installation•...
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    6Brooks® Model MT 3810Data SheetDS-VA-MT3810-engMarch, 2008Figure 2 Transmitter Only Wiring DiagramRef. No.981Y006 - Rev. D Sheet 1 of 2
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