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Models 1620 and 1620-RI
As an option, the user may choose to use the second rinse tank as a rust inhibitor dip prior to drying. This model, 1620-RI, is useful when cleaning steel components. The valving associated with this system allows easy conversion from a single overflow rinse back to a dual tank cascade rinse in seconds if your process changes.
The drying station utilizes both elevated temperature and rapid air movement to produce dry parts. The chamber is furnished with a 3" vent duct to facilitate moist air removal.
• Clean, rinse, and dry in a single unit.
• Small footprint minimizes floor space needs.
• Low voltage controls for safety.
• Standard filtration to extend cleaning bath life.
• Ultrasonics on rinse tank for superior performance.
• Convenient working height.
• Durable stainless steel construction.
• Easy access to routine maintenance components.
• Convenient control panel for easy operation.
• Recessed work surface for fluid spill containment.
• Automation interface port for transport systems (e.g., Branson TDR).
• Rust inhibition option for steel parts.
The O/WA//200Ocleaning system by Branson is a fully-configured ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing system with a built-in dryer. Also available, as an option, is a rust inhibitor staͭtion in the second rinse tank. The equipment incorporates quality workmanship and materials without including unnecessary extras.
The OMNI 2000 offers a full range of hard-working feaͭtures, while occupying only a fraction of the floor space of comparable systems. All controls are mounted in a convenient control box and operate at 24 volts for safety.
Precision cleaning is accomplished in the first process tank. This tank is equipped with Branson industrial 40 or 25 kHz ultrasonic components and thermostatically-conͭtrolled heat. A recirculating pump and filter system to continuously remove particulate material is standard.
The OMNI 2000 includes two heated rinse tanks in a casͭcade arrangement. Rinse water overflows from tank three into tank two. This counter-flowing feature provides excellent rinsing while substantially reducing water consumpͭtion. Tank two includes ultrasonic components as standard to assure that all soils and cleaning chemistry are driven from blind holes and crevices before the dry cycle.
OMNI 2000 Cleaning System, Model 1620
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