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Hägglunds Drive Systems - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The Drive & Control Company Rexroth Bosch Group Hagglunds Drive Systems Reliable high quality products for improved performance.

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The drive behind your success A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive is a drive system beyond the ordinary. In far less space than other drives – and with far less weight and complexity – it delivers flexible, reliable power. With a Hägglunds drive, your machine has unlimited access to high torque. Yet it’s also protected from torque stresses. You get the power to do more, but with less strain, less wear and less maintenance. Put simply, you get a drive that goes the distance. And behind it is a company that goes the distance with you. Benefits of a hydraulic direct drive ff Robust design with an...

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Powerful simplicity A Hägglunds direct drive system comprises a hydraulic motor and a flexibly placed drive unit, overseen by a control and monitoring system. This simple configuration withstands the challenges of virtually any application or ▲▲ From the bitter cold of Siberia to the blistering heat of Africa, Hägglunds direct drive systems withstand the challenges of any environment and any type of industry. The drive units can be supplied in a wide range of power levels and configurations, and are function-tested before delivery. environment. Mounted directly on the driven shaft, the compact...

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Your path to performance A Hägglunds solution is a total solution – of which the drive The drive you receive is built with quality, delivered with system itself is only one part. It’s a complete answer to confidence and supported with dedication. What you expe- your needs, built as much on knowledge, experience and rience is full peace of mind, supplied not just by our drive commitment as it is on drive technology. technology, but also by the people behind it. It begins with listening, as we work to understand the nature of your challenge. Our vast experience gives us the insight required, but...

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Strength through service What makes your solution truly complete is the support you receive throughout your drive’s life cycle. Everything needed parts to expert field service and cutting-edge upgrades – is to optimize performance – from original Hägglunds spare readily available through Bosch Rexroth’s global organization. In a performance agreement, we can combine the right support and services for your specific needs. Together with our representative, you tailor the agreement that best matches your drive and performance cri

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Unmatched power density The Hägglunds CAb motor is the optimal choice in lighter applications. The new Hägglunds CAb motors with their extreme power density and high flexibility, will make hydraulic direct drives Wide operating range the optimal choice in lighter applications. The motors have unmatched power density, with the unique ability to deliver full torque and full speed simultaneously. the new Hägglunds CAb range means powerful benefits in From high energy efficiency to a better working environment, tions, easy adaptation is also possible. pumps. With only two mechanical interfaces in...

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Navigation | Hägglunds CAb motors 7 Motor data, Hägglunds CAb Motor type Specific torque * Flushing of the motorcase is required Dimensions, motors with splines Motor type Main conn.

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Power in a compact solution The Hägglunds CA is a compact hydraulic motor for applications where size and weight are significant issues. The Hägglunds CA motor was developed for a very specific purpose: to provide a tough and powerful solution for heavy- Wide operating range duty applications where size and weight are significant Max intermittent torque and speed. issues. The result is a really compact hydraulic drive with the same durability, excellent performance and reliability as other Hägglunds motors from Rexroth. With its small enve- lope size and lightweight, the Hägglunds CA has an excellent power...

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Data | Hägglunds CA motors 9 Motor data, Hägglunds CA Motor Type* Full displacement Rated Speed** Specific Torque (Nm/bar) Displacement shift Specific Torque Rated Speed** *) All motor types can be tandem mounted. **) Special considerations regarding charge pressure, cooling and choice of hydraulic system for speeds above rated. ***) The motors are designed according to DNV-rules. Test pressure 420 bar/6000 psi. Peak/ transient pressure 420 bar/6000 psi maximum, allowed to occur 10 000 times. More options with different torques and speeds are available. This data covers the main sizes of our Hägglunds...

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Power to be flexible Serving heavy-duty applications in numerous ways, the compact Hägglunds CB shows that size is no measure of versatility. The Hägglunds CB range is suitable for many heavy-duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills. Wide operating range Some of its many benefits are the space saving design and Max intermittent torque and speed. the versatile mounting possibilities. The wide range of sizes and displacements enables optimi­ sation of the drive system when selecting the motor and the hydraulic pump combinations. The hole through the motor is another advantage,...

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Data | Hagglunds CB motors Motor data, Hagglunds CB *) Special considerations regarding charge pressure, cooling and choice of hydraulic system for speed above rated. according to DNV-rules. Test psi maximum, allowed to occur More options with different torques and speeds are available. This data covers the main sizes of our Dimensions, motors with splines MotorType A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) E (mm) Weight (kg) Main Conn. Drain Conn. Dimensions, motors with hollow shaft, shrink disc coupling MotorType A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) DW (mm) Weight (kg) Main Conn. Drain Conn. Hagglunds CB, splines Hagglunds CB,...

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Empowering possibilities The Hägglunds CBm does more with less – and lets you do the same When it comes to production, everyone wants more. But these days there’s less of everything else: from available time to the energy and resources for the job. With the Hägglunds CBm direct drive from Bosch Rexroth, the equation is easier to solve. The Hägglunds CBm packs 50 % more torque into a motor that’s smaller and 50 % lighter than its predecessor. That gives it the world’s highest torque-to-weight ratio. Even so, it has all the advantages you’d expect from a direct drive. Full torque from zero, protection...

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