Small Capacity Low NOx Baffle Burner Series Small Capacity Hot Air Low NOx Direct Fired Baffle Burners with Air Staging Series 1360 - 4 Pages

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High velocity, jet-boosted, high momentum burner Outstanding furnace and product temperature uniformity Shorter cycle times High furnace productivity Lower fuel consumption Suitable for fiber wall construction Low NO > x emissions Simple combustion control Simple furnace pressure control Suitable for use with impulse control Maintains either an oxidizing or reducing furnace atmosphere No eye-irritating, odor-producing combustion products even at temperatures as low as 350ΰF (177C) Designed for cold air applications. For alternative hot air burners contact Bloom. Furnace temperatures to 2200аF (1204C) and higher with optional construction > Rugged construction Car-type and batch heat treating furnaces Heat resistant gas and air nozzles Roller hearth furnaces Cast body construction Plate heat treating furnaces Simple mounting requirements Tube re-heating furnaces Integral fuel orifice Ceramic kilns Custom designs available for spec > Forge furnaces Tundish and ladle heaters and dryers > Continuous strip heating furnaces > Batch annealing furnaces > Re-circulating furnaces Tube re-heating furnaces > Any application currently using tempered flame burners > Many other applications requiring temperature uniformity > CAUTION: The improper use of combustion equipment can result in a condition hazardous to people and property. Users are urged to comply with National Safety Standards and/or Insurance Underwriters recommendations

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Part Description Number 01 Body 03 Nozzle 05 Gasket (Nozzle) 06 Observation Port 15 Gasket (Burner Body) 16 Clamps 32 Pilot (not shown) 33 Mounting Plate & Block Assembly Ζ 9 ܔ Wall 34 Mounting Plate 9 ּ Wall 35 Block Ԗ 9 ܔ Wall 36 Mounting Block & Block Assembly 6֔ Wall 37 Mounting Plate 6֔ Wall 38 Block 6֔ Wall 39 Mounting Block & Block Assembly 4 ֽ Wall 40 Mounting Plate Ԗ 4 ݔ Wall 41 Block 4 ֽ Wall 42 Wedge Bolt > NOTE : > GENERAL DIMENSION INFORMATION . > SEE BLOOM REPRESENTATIVE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION CAUTION: The improper use of combustion equipment can result in a condition...

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