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SPEC SHEET 109-001 Section: 109 Effective: September 2011 Replaces: July 2006 HRO(F), HRA, HRB Helical Gear Reducers Design Blackmer helical gear reducers are designed for use with 1750, 1150, 1450, and 950 rpm motors up to 30 hp. A full range of standard reduction ratios are available from 2.24:1 to 9.08:1 to provide standard operation speeds for Blackmer pumps as well as other brands of positive displacement pumps. Blackmer gear reducers are rated in accordance with practices of ANSI/AGMA 6010. They are manufactured in three sizes (HRO(F), HRA, and HRB) to accommodate a variety of pump speeds for low to high-viscosity transfer applications. HRA – 7 ratios Close-coupled or bracket mounting Close-coupled gear reduction mounting with Blackmer GX pump 1. Ball bearing gear and shaft supports 2. Heat treated gear 3. Heat treated pinion 4. Spool for close coupling 2 1 3 4 Gear reducers are available in either close-coupled, head-mounted configuration for Blackmer GX pump models (allowing reducer’s shaft height to swivel easily into alignment with driver), fixed bracket mounted (HRO(F)), or adjustable bracket mounted versions (HRA and HRB) for fast, accurate alignment of pumps/reducers and prime movers. Benefit Blackmer gear reducers are constructed on hardened, heat-treated, precision helical gears and pinions to provide years of trouble-free operation. For smooth, quiet running, the gears and pinions are immersed in oil, while shafts are supported at both ends by large ball bearings for added strength and reliability. HRB - 6 ratios Close-coupled or bracket mountings HRO(F) - 5 ratios Closed coupled or bracket mounting XL3-HR drive

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UJ HRO(F). HRA. HRB Helical Gear Reducers Gearbox Selection Data * Rated in accordance with practices of ANSI/AGMA 6010. The following assumptions apply to the rating tables above: • Ratings calculated at sea level elevation. Increased elevations will decrease HP ratings. • Multiply rated HP by 0.67 for single cylinder engines and by 0.80 for multi-cylinder engines. • Calculations are based on 75°F (24°C) ambient air temperature; 200"F (93"C) max oil temperature using 100% synthetic oil compatible with Buna-N elastomers. Use synthetic oil as noted in the Instruction Manual. • For applications...

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