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HDS2 - 5 / 52 Pages

System Composition
* V Bearings / Tra<k Rollers 18-21*
Bearing & Roller <ommon features 18-21
Special raceway conform fty and low radial clearance, for slide applications Double row bearings for tolerance of debris and high load capacity Load capacity up to SOlcN each
Can be installed and removed without disengaging the carriage N'rtrile sealed for lifetime lubrication, inhibits ingress or liquids and contaminants All options emiilable in stainless steel Permits out of parallel installation Crowned con tact face to overcome misalignment
Through hole fixing
■ Bolt lengths to &uit plate thickness From 7 to 40mm
■ Concentric (fixed) or eccentric (adjustable) studs
■ Can be installed and removed without carriage disengagement
Blind hole fixing
■ For mounting into thick plates or where access to opposite side is restricted
■ Concentric (fixed) or eccentric (adjustable) studs
* Can be installed and removed without removing slide
* V Bearing Cap Wiper / Roller Cap Wiper 32-33
Lubricates contact faces reducing wear In many cases re-lubrication is unnecessary Excludes debris from bearing contact faces Removable cover allows adjustment of system without disassem l:.K-Improves operational safety Optional hardened stainless steel scraper
Lubricators ■ 34
■ Lubricates systems - increasing load and life
■ Lightly sprung felt wiper ensures low friction
■ Versions to fit slide, track, V bearing and track rollers
■ Blind and through hole fixing
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    Motion Without Limits1 HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System I « I (!) 1 * t iiSHOPWlSECARVER
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    Contents Introduction - System Composition - Application Examples - Full Size Illustrations for Initial Selection 1 2-7 8-9 10-13 ...
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    Introduction HepcoMotion® HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System, available from Bishop-Wisecarver, retain* the best features from the previous HQS...
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    System Composition other components, which ■» ■il .-eirahle family dick-; flot tracks ■: most demanding applications....
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    System Composition -* Low Narrow / Low Wide Ba<k Plates U6-쬌7 Strong construction in light weight aluminum *• Profiles to...
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    System Composition ,,J 39 Construction B«am 22-25 ■ High strength lightweight aluminum beams ■ Three useful...
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    System Composition
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    System Composition HDCS - Heavy Duty Compact Strew Driven Unit ■ High performance linear transmission ■ High capacity, high...
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    Application Examples Gantry Rotor The HDS2 system contains all the major components to produce high capacity gantry systems such as that shown...
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