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BG PLAST IMPIANTI srl via Venezia - 21050 Marnate (VA) - ITALY tel. +39 0331 365865 - fax +39 0331 1940029 - e-mail : COMPLETE EXTRUSION PLANTS foils • sheets • coating •polywood • hollow sheet

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FOIL and SHEET lines lay-out FEED BLOCK CALENDERS BGL 3-rolls Calender for : PMMA and PC High Optical Quality • thicknesses 1 - 15 mm BGF Die-head : • film • restrictor bar Dosing system for granulated products, scraps and masterbatch WINDING & COLLECTION EQUIPMENT BGF 3-rolls Horizontal Calender for : Coating process -Dimpled drain sheet “Bugnato” • thicknesses 0,30 - 2 mm Foils Semi-automatic winder • bobin ø up to 1500 mm or Manual winder • bobin ø up to 500 mm BGL Die-head: • medium thickness • restrictor bar • adjusting lower lip BGF 5-rolls Calender for : HDPE, PP, PS,PMMA and ABS •...

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FOILS extrusion line echnical features useful width : 550 - 1500 mm (range for thermoforming) single layer : • PP - PS - PET - TPU (aromatic/aliphatic) multilayer : • PP+PE • PS+PE • PS+crystal with barrier : • PP+EVOH+PP • PS+EVOH+PE • PP+EVOH+PE output kg/h: depending on thickness and weight/sq.m main application: • Paper and cardboard industry • Thermoforming • General industrial applications • Rigid film used mainly for food and pharmaceuticals packaging industry, and for sundry technical applications other widths/thickness available on request Extruder - Colla Extruder - EVOH Extruder...

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SHEETS extrusion line echnical features main applications : Battery housing, acid tanks, laboratory dishes, mechanical components, concrete casting moulds, transport pallets, kitchen tools, sterilization components, refrigeration system components, icecream moulds, automotive components, special containers, fume hoods, toys. PE thickness useful width mm: mm: 1 - 40 1 - 30 6 - 25 6 - 25 6 - 25 PS - ABS thickness useful width mm: mm: 1 - 10 1 - 10 main applications : Rotor blades, roller bearing bodies, storage containers, shuttering, wash basins, machine components, seating, medical...

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Technical features echnical features HOLLOW PROFILE SHEETS for PP-HDPE-ABS Hollow profile sheet for PP-HDPE coex 1200 to 3000 mm useful width main application: •papermaking •signboards •foodstuff •advertising •bags industry •packaging •building •agricultural bgplast hollow profile sheettechnologies

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echnical features External side of the sheet Coextruded layer UV - absorber HOLLOW PROFILE SHEETS for PC-PMMA-PET Hollow profile sheetbees appreciate too for PC-PMMA-PET or Technical features extruders TM 100-33 TM 120-35 TM 120-35 TM 150-35 TM 160-37 bgplastic technologies main application: •doors and window •roof •skylights •verandas •covered passageways •greenhouses

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HIGH QUALITY OPTICAL sheet extrusion lines echnical features Raw materials : •PMMA, PC with coextrusion of UV-layer on one side or on both sides, upon request. •PET, PETG with coextrusion of UV-layer on one side or on both sides, upon request. main applications: building industry (roofing, lighting), industrial applications (protections, soundproofing), graphic art, finished products. Production possibilities: •embossed sheets •corrugated sheets configuration : monolayer or coextruded sheet and foil (*) wider than 3000 mm upon request output rate kg/h: 300 - 2000 (*) (*) depending on...

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DIMPLED sheet extrusion lines T-GRIP sheet extrusion lines echnical features Raw materials : •HDPE + LDPE - PVC * Different geometries upon request. 64 WASTEWATER & SULPHATES •thickness [mm] •rolls width [mm] •rolls length [m] •number of stud [sqm] •compression strength [t/sqm] (based on standard number of stud) •weight [g/sqm] •production rate [kg/h] echnical features (*) different values available upon request T-GRIP Liner protecting concrete pipe against HS attack.

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MULTILAYERS COATING extrusion lines echnical features raw materials : sheet lines : PVC, TPU Non-woven, moquette, industrial fabrics thicknesses mm : 0,1 - 2,0 useful width mm: up to 6000 •conveyor belts •tarpaulin main application: •geomembrane •automotive industry •tablecloth 3 layers extrusion line echnical features raw materials : sheet lines : PP (virgin and recycled) natural fibres, kevlar, non-woven, industrial fabrics, moquette thicknesses mm : 0,8 - 4,0 useful width mm: up to 6000 •automotive industry •doors main application: •rear shelf •wheel cover •inside liners 6 layers...

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RECYCLED PET extrusion lines bgplast - Low/medium production line raw materials: PET bottle flakes bgplast - High production line PET bottle flakes features echnical features thicknesses mm : 0,3 - 1,50 PET bottele flakes general packaging 100% - bottle scraps • Metal particles • Paper, wood food packaging 5 - 10% - virgin dry blend 90 - 80% - bottle scraps 5 - 10% - virgin dry blend

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“POLYWOOD” & COATING extrusion lines •high efficency •high output •technically updated •maximum profitability echnical features sheet lines : thich sheet lines : main application : thicknesses mm : 0,8 - 4,0 useful width mm: 1650 thicknesses mm : 5 - 25 useful width mm: 1200 • automotive industry • packaging • furniture manufacturing • containers floor echnical features Extruder type ø screw TM 35 TM 50 TM 70 TM 90 (1) Stated values refer to maximum output rates and are subject to change depending on material and particular use intended. * L/D 33 with vacuum degassing ** Depending on...

 Open the catalog to page 11 EXPERIENCE & KNOW-HOW With almost 30 years of Italian experience in extrusion technologies, ROBEL started in Brazil in 2001 as a first quality PVC Films producer and machines manufacturer developing its own technologies and equipments and achieving a solid background and experience in films production. Thanks to the solid background in plastic machineries manufacturing and the constant technical support of the main company in Italy, during the years our extrusion systems had been constantly improved in order to achieve optimal production standards and high final products...

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