Bentley Water Distribution Systems Modeling Solutions (Haestad) - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts WaterGEMS > WaterCAD > ή HAMMER > TM SCADAConnect > TM Bentley > Water ProjectWise > ή size="-2">

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entley capitalizes on the 25-yearleadership of Haestad Methods solutions in water infrastructure modeling, merging talent and resources to deliver real-world solutions for utilities and water professionals.Our success comes from meetingthe challenges of our users, helping engineers become more productive every single day, while empowering organizations and project teams to collaborate efficiently. We understand a short learning curveand the ability to collaborate make your team more efficient. Our renowned ease of use and multiplatform environ- ments let everyone in your organization contribute....

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ԗAguas Andinas, Chile Tel: +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide) >

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Full control overAutoCAD layers gives you unlimited flexibility. Create, modify, anddelete model elements while directly editing your geodatabase. Automatically extract model nodeelevations from TINs, DTMs, Autodesk Land Desktop surfaces, spot elevations, contour maps, and 2D and 3D points and polylines. Specialized geoprocess-ing modules help you assign demands and extract elevations. > NATIVELY COMPATIBLE Unlike competing solutions,WaterCAD andWaterGEMS share the same file type across all available environments.So,if you needto collaborate with your contractors,clients or colleagues, just send...

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Geospatial and CAD Data: Topology Physical attributes CIS: > Zoning and land use Billing meters Usage patterns > Census polygons Digital elevationmodels Unaccounted-forwater > DGN, DXF, & DWG LDD surfaces AM: 2D & 3D polylines Infrastructure inventories Elevation contours >

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EXCLUSIVE PATENTEDMODELING TECHNOLOGY Haestad Methods developedand patented exclusive tech-nology for building engineering models from unitized data. ԗTucson Water, U.S. Tel: +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide) >

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Totally customizable engineering libraries allow users toshare and maintain specifications across projects, with the ability to manage pipe mate- rial, minor loss, and water quality stan- dards. How am I supposed to analyze all this data? I need a way to quickly manage and interpret my results.Ӕ > Create your own personalized FlexTables to manage data with unlimited freedom. Use dynam- ic queries and multiattribute fil- ters to edit massive amounts of data with ease. > water distribution model is a living asset that grows and expands along with the utility, allowing modelers to explore options...

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Agriculture & Agri-Food, Canada > ԗCamp Dresser & McKee, U.S. Tel: +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide) >

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10 Bentley Systems, Incorporated > Haestad Methods Solution Center >

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LOOK UNDER THE HOOD There is a big difference between a market-ing bullet in a brochure and a feature that you can actually use and apply in practice.Be wary of software claiming true variable-speed pump- ingӔ.Be sure to determine how the candidate model han- dles parallel variable-speed pumps and whether the model truly allows you to mimic the behavior of VSPs in the field. Tel: +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide) >

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12 Bentley Systems, Incorporated > Haestad Methods Solution Center >

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REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Use WaterGEMS and WaterCAD tocomply with water quality regulations, such as the U.S.EPA Stage 2Disinfectant and DBP Rule and the European Commission Drinking Water Directive. > ԗManning Engineering Corp, U.S. > Kvaerner Cementation, Zimbabwe Tel: +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide) >

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WHEN DO YOU STOP? The final use of the hydraulic model will determine the level of accuracyrequired during the calibration process.Simple system evaluations do not require the same level of accuracy as does an in-depth water quality analysis. I know I ӑm supposed to calibrate my model continuously, but I dont have the time. It is hard enough to do it every couple of years.Ҕ > Adjust roughness, demand, and pipestatus automatically > The water distribution system for Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador faces a significant water supply deficit, interrupted service, low-pressure areas, and approxi-...

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Calibrating a model and assessing design and rehabilitation strategies are examples of modeling processes that take a huge number of trial and revision cycles, and consequently a lot of time and money if the most recent optimizing techniques are not used.This is why Darwin Calibrator and Darwin Designercommand the most recent technological advances in the high performance Fast Messy Genetic Algorithm (fmGA), one of the most competent genetic-evolutionary computing technologies. A Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a search method thatemulates the theoretical principals of natural evolu- tion and biological...

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here is a trend towardsbuilding sophisticated geospatial system plan- ning tools within water utilities, but for analyses, this level of detail is unim- portant or distracting and the additional size and complexity can hinder productivity. Examples include master planning, system rehabilitation studies, and pump sched- uling.With Skelebrator, model-ers reliably reduce network complexity by automating the reduction of network models, saving precious time and enhancing understanding. > Pressure34.0 psiPressure34.2 psi 45,330Pipes1890Pipes System detail is great, but IӒve got so much data to look...

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Ensure model accuracy Jumpstart model simulations Develop real-time response strategies Increase understanding of system performance Recreate and troubleshoot system problems Build and maintain demands and patterns Automate data entry workflows Our new SCADA system cost millions. So why is it so hard for my engineers to use the information weӒre collecting? > he deployment of a SupervisoryControl and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a singular capi- tal investment that offers a veritable data gold mine for a modeler. The more this data is leveraged, the bet- ter...

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Photograph courtesy of Dorot Valves. We should have designed a better surge protection system, but our current surge software is impossible to use.Ӕ > nchecked, surges can cause catastrophic damage to pipes and equipment,risk the safety of operators, allow intrusion of dangerous contaminants into the system, and interrupt service to customers. Over time, transients also increase wear and tear on pipes and pumps, leading to premature failure.How can transients be eliminated or controlled? The most cost-effective approach is to perform a transient analysis to locatetrouble spots and determine appropriate...

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