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Catalogue excerpts

Beijing Torch Co.,ltd Automatic SMT Production Line Proposal for 0201,BGA IC chips

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Factory and Sales Headquarter

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TORCH factory Introduction • Beijing Torch SMT Co., Ltd. found in 2001, is famous small and middle size SMT machine supplier In Beijing, the capital of china. • TORCH has factory area of 6000 sqm totally, has sales office In Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen cities • We have agent in USA (Manncorp, PCB& stencil), India, Philippine, Brizal, • TORCH brand Desktop Reflow Oven T200 series enjoy great reputation In the past 10 years. We got purchse order from R&D centers of TOP 500 enterprises: GE, CISCO, 3M, TI, NVIDIA, Nortel Network ect. • Since then, we launched 4, 5, 6, 8 zones converyor...

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TERMWAY (Beijing) Factory • TERMWAY (Beijing) mounter introduce: • TORCH and Germany TERMWAY Co.,ltd cooperate to develop and manufactured for high precision vision pick and place. Its brand isTERMWAY • Termway (Beijing) which rely on Germany mounting technology and quality management advantages services to serve Chinese customers and devotes to improve performance-cost automatic mounter. • Termway (Beijing), sharing a 6000sqm of workshop with TORCH, located in building 15, Lian Dong U valley, Jinqiao Technology Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing, • The headquarter of TERMWAY locates in 18 An der...

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Certificate for Oversea Trade

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Manufacturing Process Auto Loader TL350 Conveyor Reflow Oven TN360C Auto Printer SP500 Automatic Mounter for IC chips TP50V2 Auto Unloader UTL350

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Product and Main Features Main parameter dataNotedetailed list sees the specification Automatic screen printer MODEL:SP500 PCB Min Size :50X50mm PCB Min Size :50X50mm PCB Max Size :300X300mm PCB Max Size :300X300mm PCB Thickness :0.4~6mm PCB Thickness :0.4~6mm Repeat Accuracy :±0.01mm Repeat Accuracy :±0.01mm Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm Squeegee Speed :0~300mm/sec Squeegee Speed :0~300mm/sec Squeegee Pressure 0.3~0.6MPa Squeegee Pressure 0.3~0.6MPa Control Method PC Control Control Method PC Control Machine Dimensions 1900(L)X2050(W)X1500(H)mm Machine Dimensions 1900(L)X2050(W)X1500(H)mm

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Automatic Loader Model: TL350 •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Dimension: 1400 (L)* 700(W)*1250 (H)mm Dimension: 1400 (L)* 700(W)*1250 (H)mm Transfer case size: L355*W320*H563mm Transfer case size: L355*W320*H563mm Max PCB board size: 250mm Max PCB board size: 250mm PLC: VH-32MR PLC: VH-32MR Motor of up-and –down stable: Motor of up-and –down stable: M9RC60GD4L2 (AC 220V) M9RC60GD4L2 (AC 220V) Driving motor: M81A15G4L (AC220V) Driving motor: M81A15G4L (AC220V) Power supply: 220V, 50—60HA Power supply: 220V, 50—60HA Total Power: 100W Total Power: 100W

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Product and Main Features Automatic IC Chip Mounter MODEL: TP50V2 (made in Germany) •• •• •• •• •• •• Max working size:620*360mm Max working size:620*360mm Max speed: 10000cph Max speed: 10000cph Accuracy ±0.03mm Accuracy ±0.03mm Position Visional position Position Visional position Tray Num IC tray at most Tray Num IC tray 22at most Dimension 1080×1050×1350mm Dimension 1080×1050×1350mm •• •• For component For component 0201SOICPLCC & QFP, μBGA&CSP 0201SOICPLCC & QFP, μBGA&CSP

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Product and Main Features Conveyor Reflow Oven MODEL: TN360C •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Heating zone:6 heating zones(6 upper,6 Heating zone:6 heating zones(6 upper,6 cover)+1 cooling zone cover)+1 cooling zone Heating area length:1800mm Heating area length:1800mm PCB Board width:≤ 300mm PCB Board width:≤ 300mm Control system PLC+ Torch module Control system PLC+ Torch module temp control system+ IPC temp control system+ IPC Range of temperature control Room Room Range of temperature control Temperature-360 ℃ Temperature-360 ℃ Power supply 380V (3 ph, wires) Power supply 380V (3 ph, 44wires) 50/60Hz...

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Automatic Unloader Model: UTL350 •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Dimension2040L*700( W )*1250( H )mm Dimension2040L*700( W )*1250( H )mm Transfer case sizeL355*W320*H563mm Transfer case sizeL355*W320*H563mm Max PCB board size250mm Max PCB board size250mm PLC: 32MR PLC: 32MR Motor of up-and-down stable90YB60GV22 Motor of up-and-down stable90YB60GV22 90GF7.5HB (AC 220V) 90GF7.5HB (AC 220V) Driving motor70YS15GV22X (AC 220V) Driving motor70YS15GV22X (AC 220V) Power supply220V,50—60HZ Power supply220V,50—60HZ Total Power: 110W Total Power: 110W Air pressure4-6kg Air pressure4-6kg

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• Beijing Torch Co.,Ltd • Factory address: 121 factory building, No 15, Jingsheng South 4th Street," Jinqiao Science and Technology industrial base, Zhongguancun High-Tech Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing • Sales office address: Star City International A-6D,Jiuxianqiao A No.10,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. • Contact: Claire.Deng

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