M-0188A Syncrocloser® Check Relay - 4 Pages

Check Relay

Accurate, independent controls require no additional
instrumentation for field setting

Voltage limit ranges and dead line/dead bus closing
features are optional

Remote contacts to shift phase angle or time setpoints
are standard

Transducer analog outputs are SCADA compatible
Industry Leader Since 1969
Made in the USA

M-0188A Syncrocloser® Check Relay
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    M-0188A Syncrocloser Check RelayInputsLine Voltage: 120 V ac nominal, 145 V ac maximum continuous. Will withstand 240 V ac for 1 second.Bus Voltage: 120...
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    M-0188A Syncrocloser Check RelayStatus Relay ContactPhase Angle Status Relay: Closed when phase angle is within limits.Voltage Status Relay: Closed when...
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    Patent The M-0188A Syncrocloser® Check Relay is covered by U.S. Patent 4,218,625. Warranty The M-0188A Syncrocloser Check Relay is covered...
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