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See A Model Maker's Journey From Startup To Showtime

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See A Model Maker's Journey From Startup To Showtime Though Alan Buttler's passion for model making has been lifelong, making a business of it was a bit more accidental. A bold move to invest his life savings in the B9Creator 3D printer helped launch his company, Modelu 3D, to great acclaim. Now, with his recent upgrade to the B9 Core Series, Alan sees nothing but success ahead. “When the B9 Core Series came out, it was an unbelievable relief. In the first year, I did 35 exhibitions, turned down 20 more, and did several TV-related jobs and wholesale orders, some 3,000 figures or more. With the B9 Core Series high-speed Gray Resin, I can get them out fast.” "The majority of my customers are people who make highly detailed model railways. Every single person I scan actually does the job for real. That is why they are so realistic. I could be approached by a company making an F35 Jet to print and scan a pilot, to do contestants on "The Great British Bake Off," or by documentaries who want a band scanned and printed before the film airs on Showtime. Now I’m looking into new markets like military and aviation, where the B9 Core Series will come into its own with speed and accuracy." "I wanted a machine to reflect the status of the business, that can be pushed daily and that has industrial-quality components. This printer was in another league all together, very slick, the speed and simplicity of it. You can have your test print done in 14 minutes, and the software features were a godsend. But ultimately the relationship and customer support was the number one reason I’ve stayed with B9Creations. You just can’t get that anywhere else." #\B9CrGatDn5 Professional 3D Printing Solutions

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