Saving Magnum Enterprises Over $15K in Prototyping, Injection Molding Costs - 1 Pages

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Saving Magnum Enterprises Over $15K in Prototyping, Injection Molding Costs

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Saving Magnum Enterprises Over $15K in Prototyping, Injection Molding Costs When Dan Smith, owner of Magnum Enterprises, LLC., went to the injection molding company that had been creating his plastic parts for years, he never expected that they would misplace one of his molds and have no technical drawing to recreate it. So Dan came to B9Creations. And within 24 hours, had a nearly perfect copy of his parts scanned with the B9 Scan 350 and printed on a B9 Core Series. Using the B9 Scan 350's reverse engineering capabilities, he scanned the piece in 5 minutes capturing the geometries important to the original models, created a working file, and 3D printed iterations with our rapid prototyping resin for design verification until they had an exact replica of the original piece. And now with his new technical drawing, Dan can easily tweak the piece, recreate the injection mold, or even change and prototype the piece to create a new design. Because of the extremely quick turnaround time and ability to easily iterate on the design, Dan saved time, materials, and money, perfecting the piece before sending it off to be tooled for tens of thousands of dollars. "Before you have a toolmaker start cutting metal on a mold and drilling cavities and things like that, you want to have your part perfect. So you don't have to go back and make another mold and spend another $15,000. “That’s the benefit of a company like B9Creations – their 3D scanner has the ability to turn your part into digital information that can be utilized in their 3D printer to make prototypes and samples. And through running through a few variations of your samples, I was able to get my part to where I wanted it – to where it was perfect. And now I can go off to a tool maker and get my new mold made. So, B9Creations, hats off to you guys. You saved

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