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MiniRam™ - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MiniRam > TM & MiniRam > TM II > Performance & Portability with Affordability Raman Solution Features: Feature size="-3">

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laser excitation wavelengths. You can customize your spectrometer by choosing from a variety of excitation wavelengths. With our Crossed Czerny-Turner optical design, spectral resolution of 10cm > -1 can be achieved, while at the same time keeping the footprint of our MiniRam applications. CleanLaze > High Resolution MiniRamΙ II comes with 785nm laser excitation only. In Raman spectroscopy it is essential to utilize a clean, narrow bandwidth laser due to the fact that the quality of the Raman peaks are directly affected by the sharpness and stability of the delivered light source. TheMiniRam >...

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TM TM Lasers > NameModelDescription Spectrometer Detector > C C Electronics > Description Power Options > Physical > ή Description size="-3">

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Contact our Application Team for your unique solution Let us run your sample! - Feasibility Studies Available >

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