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innoRam™ spectrometer - 7 Pages

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innoRam™ spectrometer
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Catalogue excerpts

nnoRam > TM Raman Solution > Portability with Lab Grade Results Raman Solution Features: -1 size="-4">

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The spectrometer design is dedicated for Raman applications. You can customize your spectrometer by choosing from a variety of excitation for your individual detection needs. Choose from wider spectral range or high resolution optimized systems. Research grade spectral resolution of 2cm CleanLaze > Sharp Resolution -1 can be achieved with our double pass transmission optics. Most Raman applications do not require such tight resolution, for those more general applications, a system that provides a wider spectral range is your solution. The high-throughput optical layout of all In Raman spectroscopy...

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Contact our Application Team for your unique solution Let us run your sample! - Feasibility Studies Available > Phone: 302-368-7824 Fax: 302-368-7830 ׷ E-mail: info@bwtek.com Copyright 2009 B&W Tek, Inc. Doc-Rev: 280001140-B size="-2">

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