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Catalogue excerpts

Integrated Turnkey Coating, Drying & Solvent Recovery Solutions for Energy Storage Products

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Translating Ideas into Sustainable Solutions Innovative Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing Processes MEGTEC offers the expertise to pioneer innovative solutions for unique applications in energy storage, photovoltaics, fuel cells, advanced composites and membranes. MEGTEC is a leading global design, engineering and Line to perfect a simultaneous two-side coating manufacturing company providing industrial products method that uses a horizontal air flotation dryer and services to a diverse customer base serving a instead of a vertical dryer. The MEGTEC process has wide variety of market sectors....

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Unique Free-span Method to Achieve Simultaneous Dual-side Coating As the lithium ion battery industry matures, pressure to decrease costs mounts. Battery manufacturers are seeking to lower material as well as processing costs. The traditional approach for battery electrode manufacture is to coat one side at a time; thus requiring 2 passes through the coating line. A more efficient method is to coat both sides in a single pass. This can be accomplished in two different ways: 1) Sequential or tandem coating system or 2) Simultaneous Slot die with backing roll MEGTEC has pioneered and successfully...

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Drying & Curing using Infrared or Combination IR/Convection Dryers Convection Air Non-Contact Flotation Dryer At the core of MEGTEC’s history as the recognized leader in providing drying and curing solutions for web coating, is it’s 40+ years of experience , more than 100 patents and thousands of dyer installations worldwide. MEGTEC’s extensive roll-to-roll drying, curing and thermal air handling experience covers a wide range of flexible web materials such as: • ultra-thin films • laminates • foils • fabrics Full Range of Customized Dryer and Oven Styles and Designs MEGTEC offers a wide range...

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Laboratory Coating Line MEGTEC has developed an easy-to-use laboratory coating line designed for short production runs. MEGTEC’s coating line offers the capability of producing up to 250 mm wide coated substrates running at speeds up to 3 ✓ Easy to Use ✓ Multiple Coating Methods Available The coating line consists of the following equipment: • Cantilevered unwind and winder • recision coating module with comma P coater or slot die coater • onvection dryer with either impingement C or flotation nozzles to dry the coated side of the web • odular, one-piece design requires minimal M space for easy...

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Complete Solutions for Electrode Production of Advanced Batteries Reduced cost, increased efficiency, yield and through-put MEGTEC provides complete turnkey solutions for the production of advanced web-based materials including raw material handling, coating/ slurry mixing and fluid delivery, web handling, coating and drying, solvent recovery and purification, calendering and slitting. MEGTEC is a fully integrated global design, engineering, manufacturing and services company providing industrial equipment and services to various industries including lithium-ion and other advanced battery materials,...

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MEGTEC’s scope of supply for battery electrode coating lines includes: • aw material/powder storage and handling systems R • Coating/slurry mixing and fluid delivery systems • eb handling components including: unwind, pull rolls, tension W control, web guiding and rewinds • Coater (1 or 2 side) • Multi-zone drying systems • ision, defect detection and defect marking systems V • oating thickness and coat weight measurement and control C systems • olvent recovery, purification and emission control systems S • Slitting • Calendering • omplete PLC-based control system, line drives integration of all...

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Process Development Facilitates Advanced Technology Patents MEGTEC’s pilot line in its R&D Center is available for customers to test, develop and improve processes by evaluating system variables and components to optimize their performance and operation with the coatings and substrates to be used. Important for emerging, advanced materials applications, the pilot line helps facilitate the potential for advanced technology patents. • lot die coater with skip and stripe S coating capabilities • (3) 1.5 meter (5’) zones • Web widths up to 600 mm (24”) • ated mechanical speed up to 2000 fpm R • ension...

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The MEGTEC R&D Center located in our De Pere, Wisconsin, USA facility includes an in-house pilot lab line that offers preferred coater method for mixing capabilities for preparation of slurry mixtures, multiple coating methods, a 3-zone dryer that can be used with a wide battery electrodes. range of substrates and tensions, plasma and corona treater for foil substrates, and on-line coating thickness measurement and tracking. proprietary research and development, test and optimize Slot die with backing roll new or existing coatings, web materials and processes. By using the pilot coater facilities,...

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Environmental Solutions Back to Solvent Recovery for Solvent Recovery / Carbon Adsorption System Exhaust to Concentrator Exhaust to Carbon bed Exhaust to Atmosphere Solvent Recovery Exhaust Scrubber NMP & Water to Water Treatment MEGTEC has developed proprietary systems for high efficiency removal, recovery and purification of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and N-Ethylpyrrolidone (NEP) from coating line exhaust air streams in the lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing process. These systems can be configured to provide regulatory compliance with global and local emission standards. The illustration...

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Air Pollution Control by Oxidation For applications where solvent recovery is not appropriate, MEGTEC offers regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) systems in different sizes and configurations for environmental compliance. By applying our industry knowledge and expertise in process air handling, MEGTEC provides equipment that delivers regulatory compliance without affecting the performance of your process line or the integrity of your end product. With more than 4,000 equipment installations worldwide, we have both the industry experience and regulatory knowledge to design the right air pollution...

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