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Gas Cleaning and Purification of Solvent - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE & ENERGY RECOVERY Standard & Customized Solutions for Purification of Process Air Streams ENGINEERED SYSTEMS & SERVICES

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ENGINEERED SYSTEMS AND SERVICES Translating Ideas into Sustainable Solutions Environment, Climate & Energy • Air Pollution Abatement • Carbon Management • Energy Recovery • Bio Fuels & Renewable Energy MEGTEC is a long-recognized world-class supplier of engineered systems and services for air pollution abatement systems for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and odor control applications. In addition to our well-known oxidizer product line, MEGTEC offers carbon adsorption and distillation technologies for recovery and reuse of expensive or large quantities of solvents. Now,...

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Full Range of Engineered Systems & Services for Environment, Climate and Energy Applications Many industrial processes discharge HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or odorous emissions, as well as particulates and acid gas. MEGTEC provides a wide range of solutions. • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) Systems • Spray Dryer Absorbers • Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) Systems • Evaporative Gas Cooling & Conditioning Systems • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers (RCO) • Recuperative Catalytic...

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SonicKleen™ Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) The SonicKleen™ Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) removes submicron particulate, heavy metals, dioxins & furans, mists, and fumes from process gas streams. The vertical down-flow, hexagonal tube design delivers a superior combination of removal efficiency, low maintenance, low pressure drop and small footprint. Design Features and Performance Advantages • Integrated systems, complete with gas quenching, subcooling, and absorption available • Maintains performance during on-line flushing • Effective gas flow distribution system designed for...

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Scrubbers TurboVenturi Scrubber The TurboVenturi scrubber is a high-efficiency particulate removal device. Its design ensures constant pressure drop, which equates to constant removal efficiency. The TurboVenturi’s refined de-watering ability ensures virtually no liquid droplet carryover – a crucial advance in view of today’s stringent requirements, where a small amount of liquid carryover can adversely affect emission test results or downstream equipment. Advantages • Particulate removal efficiency can be optimized by adjusting pressure drop. • Different types of throat dampers can be provided...

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SNCR NOX Control Nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions are effectively removed using MEGTEC TurboSonic’s TurboNOx Selective Non Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) systems. Ammonia or urea solutions are injected directly into the hot gas, which breaks down to chemically reduce the NOX to clean nitrogen gas and water. TurboNOx systems feature our specially designed, highefficiency, wear and plug-resistant Turbotak nozzles. Our systems are designed for optimal drop size and spray coverage to reduce NOX, while saving on reagent consumption. Precisely control the injection rate to meet removal SNCR DeNOX Nozzles requirements...

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SoniCool™ Evaporative Cooling & Conditioning Protect downstream equipment, enhance air pollution control performance, reduce gas volumes and increase production capacity using SoniCool™ Evaporative Gas Cooling & Conditioning systems. Turbotak Atomizing Nozzles introduce a controlled amount of finely atomized water into the hot gas stream in order to reduce and/or maintain gas temperature. The water evaporates to complete dryness, while absorbing heat from the gasses, for free-flowing dust, zero liquid discharge, and minimal or no wall buildup. Design Features and Performance Advantages • apid...

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The CLEANSWITCH8 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) gives simplicity and cost effectiveness in a 2-chamber, single vessel with 99+%VOC removal. With thermal provides exceptional operating economy. For many applications, the CLEANSWITCH® RTO will run in a self- sustaining mode; that is, no additional fuel is required to destroy VOCs and achieve clean air compliance. Patented Switch Valve The CLEANSWITCH® RTO takes its name from MEGTEC's patented switch valve that keeps cleaned air totally separate from dirty process exhaust. The valve utilizes a double-air seal and is the only moving part in the unit....

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Design Features and Performance Advantages • Proven design since 2000 with more than 300 • VOC destruction efficiencies of 99+% to meet stringent regulatory codes • Thermal efficiency up to 97% provides reduced operating fuel costs • Single valve - non-contacting, non-wearing, positive sealing via high pressure air provides trouble-free operation, resulting in low maintenance costs • Electric valve drive gives quiet operation and reliable performance in severe climate conditions • Climate-controlled, skid mounted control room simplifies installation and improves access to the • Smooth valve switching...

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MILLENNIUM® RTO The MILLENNIUM® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is an economical approach to clean air compliance incorporating two individual poppet valves in a 2-chamber, single vessel design. The unique, compact system meets the needs of a wide variety of applications while providing efficiency and reliability at an affordable capital investment. •   ighly reliable poppet-style valves, built in H a common manifold, reducing initial capital investment, installation and maintenance costs •   ost effective, robust ceramic heat exchange C media with low resistance, which minimizes pressure...

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Heat Recovery & Process Energy Optimization for Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers MEGTEC has extensive experience in providing heat recovery systems to facilities around the world. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of our customer processes, and can provide a system to recover excess energy in the exhaust stream direct from the process or oxidizer to optimize its efficiency and performance, and result in energy savings. By upgrading older catalytic and thermal recuperative oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) or directfired oxidizers, MEGTEC can help increase capacity and...

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