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APROL EnMon Perfection in Automation www.br-automation.com

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APROL EnMon Energy management: Achieve substantial savings by optimizing energy efficiency The much anticipated ISO 50001 international standard "Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use" was published in 2011. system (EnMS). The ISO 50001 standard attempts to reduce costs while also limiting greenhouse gases and other environmental contaminants. According to estimates, up to 60% of the world's energy use could be positively influenced by this standard. With forecasts predicting at least a 20% increase in energy prices by 2020, improving energy efficiency will be an...

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APROL EnMon Historical oil and gas prices 8 Price in Cent/kWh 6 4 Oil 20 12 20 10 20 08 20 06 20 04 20 02 20 00 19 98 19 96 19 94 19 92 19 90 19 88 19 86 19 84 19 82 19 80 19 78 19 76 19 74 19 72 2 Gas Development since 1972 in Cent/kWh [Source: German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology 2012; Austrian Biomass Association 2012] Goals of the ISO 50001 energy management system »» Regular measurement and recording of the most important energy consumers »» Monitoring of the energy management program »» Adequate precision and reproducibility »» Verification of adherence to relevant...

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APROL EnMon Standalone solution for measuring and monitoring in all industries ISO 50001:2011 is a global standard that applies to all industries. APROL EnMon is B&R's solution for measuring, recording and evaluating all relevant energy usage to provide optimal support for the continuous improvement process. Because APROL EnMon is a standalone solution, there is no risk in integrating it into existing automation solutions. It's up to the user whether energy monitoring should be installed independently of existing building control, SCADA or process control systems. APROL EnMon has been...

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APROL EnMon »» Energy contractors For users such as energy contractors, the standalone solution is usually the best way forward since it doesn't require intervening in existing systems. »» Factory automation In the area of factory automation, energy data from individual machines is required; this data is made available over various interfaces (e.g. Modbus, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP). Other necessary energy data from machines is measured using transmitters installed for this very purpose and captured by additional remote I/O modules where the data can then be processed in a separate energy...

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APROL EnMon APROL EnMon Out-of-the-box energy monitoring Based on the APROL process control system, B&R now offers APROL EnMon, an out-of-thebox solution for energy monitoring. As an engineering platform, APROL ensures maximum flexibility with the least amount of cost and effort. It considerably simplifies the implementation of energy management tasks set up in connection with the ISO 50001 and EN 16001 standards while ensuring that no information whatsoever falls through the cracks. Since APROL serves as the process control platform, it is also possible to implement solutions that go far...

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APROL EnMon System topology An APROL EnMon system consists of an APC910 industrial PC situated in the control cabinet. It includes the complete system and all necessary software preinstalled. In addition to the engineering and operator software, it also includes the central component of the energy monitoring system – a high-performance database with an SQL interface running under the advanced and extremely stable SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system. All necessary energy data is stored in history and can be retrieved from any location using a simple Web browser. At least one...

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APROL EnMon Seamless recording of all energy types APROL EnMon provides energy monitoring for all different types of energy, not just electrical. All types of energy can be defined as needed so that the user can specify names that correspond to the particular requirements at hand (e.g. Heating Gas A7, Heating Gas B3). A generic design is used throughout the data reporting, making it unnecessary to make any adjustments whatsoever. »» Electrical energy »» Heating gas »» Heating oil »» Steam »» Thermal energy »» Pressurized air »» Water »» Other, including renewable energy sources Energy...

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APROL EnMon Recording energy consumption data All consumed energy is recorded using extremely compact X20 I/O modules. The following lists some of these modules as well as their features. X20 I/O modules for all signal types APROL EnMon Controller -01 Remote IO -01 EtherNet/IP Electricity Flow Metering Pulses M-Bus Load Management Manual Input Profibus DP Modbus TCP »» Energy measurement module for electric power X20AP energy measurement module for active power, reactive power and apparent power; records phase sequences, individual phases and cumulative values; current over neutral line;...

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APROL EnMon Controlling peak loads by regulating energy consumption with load management APROL EnMon reports can be analyzed to provide optimal support for reducing energy costs by avoiding peak loads and preventing unplanned outages that can result from sudden overloads. Creating a "worst case" analysis of peak load helps determine the relationship between the contractually guaranteed power from the energy provider and the worst case requirements of the system. This makes it possible to improve distribution by being able to plan for or shift loads and/or to avoid peak loads by specifying a...

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APROL EnMon Using the X20AP energy measurement module for monitoring to increase the availability of electrical mains power Unplanned outages of machines, systems or individual consumers can result not only from increased energy consumption, but for other reasons as well. Due to the use of countless inverters in every possible area nowadays – not least in order to save energy costs – the resulting harmonics play a large role in diminishing power quality in electrical grids. These harmonics must be taken into consideration when measuring energy in order to achieve sufficient precision....

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