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Convenient entry of time-of-use rates
Rates can sometimes be up to twice as high during peak times
or seasons compared to non-peak rates. What this means is that
shifting loads to times where rates are lowest (e.g. nights) can
result in substantial cost savings.
APROL EnMon provides support for entering these different rates,
either based on the time of day (Rate 1, 2, or 3 can be assigned
in 15-minute blocks over a 24 hour period), the season (summer /
winter) and even for configurable holidays.
APROL EnMon configuration in a few easy steps
Automation Studio
TAG Configuration
Hardware topology in Automation Studio
A controller for recording energy data is a standard component in
every APROL EnMon system. The hardware topology depends on
customer requirements and is the first thing to be configured in
the integrated Automation Studio project.
Excel spreadsheet
Validation Generation
As an out-of-the-box solution for energy monitoring, APROL EnMon is delivered on an Automation PC 910 with all of the necessary software already installed. No additional steps need to be
taken to set up the APROL system software. The complete hardware configuration is also included; all the user has to do is adjust
the network settings as needed (IP addresses, host names, etc.).
Defining the measurement points in a spreadsheet
The second step involves defining the measurement points and
associated parameters in a spreadsheet program (e.g. MS Excel)
as well as assigning the necessary templates to the sensors. This
data is subsequently used to automatically generate all of the programs used to record, process and archive energy data.
Configuration validation and download
The third step comprises the automatic validation and any error
output from all of the project elements (user software) before
downloading to the APROL EnMon system (controller and control

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    APROL EnMonSeamless recording of all energy typesAPROL EnMon provides energy monitoring for all different typesof energy, not just electrical. All types...
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    APROL EnMonRecording energy consumption dataAll consumed energy is recorded using extremely compact X20 I/O modules. The following lists some ofthese modules...
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    APROL EnMonControlling peak loads by regulating energy consumption with load managementAPROL EnMon reports can be analyzed to provide optimal supportfor...
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    APROL EnMonUsing the X20AP energy measurementmodule for monitoring to increase theavailability of electrical mains powerUnplanned outages of machines,...
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    APROL EnMonFlow measurement in accordance with ISO 5167The "FlowCalculation" control module calculates the rate of flow in pipes with a circular cross...
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    APROL EnMonAPROL EnMon Dashboard for energymanagers / energy management teamsfurther evaluation, recorded energy data sets are alsogrouped together according...
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    APROL EnMon EnMon Dashboard - The front page for energy managers and members of the energy management team Top 10 consumers visible at a glance To...
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    APROL EnMon Trend diagram view - Average value trend The trend diagram displays the chrono- logical track of average values (average value...
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    APROL EnMonAPROL EnMon reportsBilling reportsFour different billing reports provide aquick and clear overview of costs.Consumption reportThe consumption...
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    APROL EnMonAnalysis reportsIn addition to billing reports, there arealso analysis reports for recording keyperformance indicators, triggers of peakloads,...
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