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Catalogue excerpts

WATER TECH NOLOGIES srl Design and construction of water treatment plants

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COMPANY PRESENTATION B&P Water Technologies is an engineering company expertise in design and supply of a wide range of water treatment plants, such as: • • • • • • • • Sea water and brackish water reverse osmosis plants Water softening units Chemical dosing packages Oil removal and recovery Civil waste water treatment plants Industrial waste water treatment plants Bilge water treatment plants Water analysis cabinets We mainly focus our attention on those sizes of water plants which can be fully pre-assembled and tested to guarantee a real “turnkey” job. Our long experience with EPC Contracting...

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CONSULTANCY B&P Water Technologies srl is able to give technical support to public and private agencies in the field of the water treatments. We can offer the following services: • Feasibility studies • Basic and advanced process engineering • Revamping of existing plants • Technical and commercial evaluation of quotations for a plant construction • Surveys and verifications of existing plants operation • Cost control and project monitoring STANDARD PRODUCTION LINE In consideration of the high water demand on civil and residential markets, B&P Water Technologies has developed a complete range...

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Reverse osmosis plants SEAWATER DESALINATION B&P Water Technologies manufactures a comprehensive range of skid mounted or containerised reverse osmosis desalination plants able to produce fresh water for potable or technical purposes. The seawater containerised desalination reverse osmosis systems are built inside of metal shipping containers. On request, offshore container can be provided, certified according to the strict norms foreseen by EN12079-1 and DNV 2.7-1. The units supplied inside offshore containers can be installed on offshore platforms and accommodation barges. Special installations...

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PRE-ENGINEERED SEAWATER REVERSE OSMOSIS STANDARD FEATURES Seawater feed pump Dual media filter/filters 5 micron cartridge filter/filters High rejection seawater membranes Duplex stainless steel high pressure piping High pressure pump in duplex stainless steel High pressure pump controlled by VFD Energy recovery device (turbocharger) Permeate remineralization Membrane automatic flushing system Chemical cleaning system Heavy duty steel frame SC/OS SERIES Skid-mounted heavy duty seawater desalination packages for ships and offshore platforms Energy recovery with pressure exchangers Chemical conditioning...

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REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS BRACKISH WATER DESALINATION Our brackish reverse osmosis packages are designed to treat well waters and ground waters having a maximum salinity of 10000 ppm up to 6000m3/ day of product water and to satisfy any specific requirement of the end user/customer regarding the required quality of produced water. All our brackish water desalination units, in the standard configuration, are skid mounted. Containerized brackish water desalination units, assembled inside a shipping containers, can be quoted as optional. Thanks to high flexibility and modularity of our brackish water...

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VACUUM SEWAGE SYSTEMS B&P Water Technologies developed its own technology for the suction and transfer of waste waters. Compared with the traditional gravity systems, these units offer the following advantages: • • • • • • Construction cost saving (small trenches) Small pipes diameters Booster pumps stations no longer required No sediments and clogging in the pipeline No leakages and smells, as the line is kept under vacuum Low energy consumption The system is composed by: collection pits with valve, vacuum pipeline and vacuum station. B&P Water Technologies is able to make the engineering and...

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CONTAINERISED MEMBRANE BIOREACTORS A NEW CONCEPT TO TREAT CIVIL WASTEWATERS. B&P Water Technologies manufactures a comprehensive range of “containerised” of biological wastewater treatment plants based on MBR technology. When used with domestic wastewater, MBR processes produce effluent of high quality enough to be discharged to coastal, surface or brackish waterways or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation. It is possible to operate MBR process at higher mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations compared to conventional settlement separation systems, thus reducing the reactor volume...

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CHEMICAL DOSING UNITS / ANALYSIS CABINETS CHEMICAL DOSING PACKAGES B&P Water Technologies designs and manufactures chemical dosing packages for oil &gas, power generation, wastewater treatment purposes (boiler conditioning, process waters, waste waters). B&P Water Technologies chemical dosing packages are totally customized to fit customer’s requirements and to ensure the maximum efficiency in dosing the chemical required by the process for the specific application. All our chemical dosing packages, prior to construction, are engineered on CAD and submitted for the approval of our customers. Design...

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INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENTS OIL REMOVAL UNITS CORRUGATED PLATE INTERCEPTION SEPARATION CPI Packages are commonly used to separate oil and fats with low specific gravity. The water flows through corrugated plates manufactured in polypropylene, Oil and fats particles adhere to the plates and, due to low density, move upward. A skimming device collects the oil/fats from water surface. Any eventual sludge is collected in a separate section for extraction and disposal. When the wastewater contains both low density and high density oils/fats, an Air Flotation Package (DAF) must follow the CPI package. AIR...

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innovative plants B&P Water Technologies has the capability and the know-how to develop innovative technologies for the wastewater treatments, such as bilge water treatment plants and naftenic waters (Merox waters) treatment plants. These new technologies have been developed starting from the development of pilot plants, followed by the “industrial size” units. In the first picture on the right the pilot plant designed to treat the bilge water is shown. The naftenic water treatment plant shown in the second picture on the right is actually operating in the oil refinery of Rome. PILOT PLANT FOR...

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