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The Power of Flexibility B&P Pusher Centrifuges Unmatched Separation of Coarse Solids from Free Draining Crystalline Slurries

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The Power of Flexibility B&P Pusher Centrifuges Slower speed means better economics. In centrifuge operations, slower rotating speeds can significantly increase the operational life of expensive components (Figure A) and reduce the risk of machine failure. Lower speeds can also mean reduced energy requirements (Figure B). Thicker cake means purer cake. B&P Pusher Centrifuges offer relentless productivity and separation of coarse solids from free-draining crystalline slurries. For gentle single-stage handling. B&P’s Pushers have Single-step systems yield purer cake been used in a myriad of...

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The Power of Flexibility B&P Pusher Centrifuges Model Power (hp) [kw] Capacity (stph) [mtph] Length (in.) [mm] Width (in.) [mm] Height (in.) [mm] Weight (lb.) [kg] Nominal capacities in short tons per hour for granulated salt, discharged at 3% moisture from a 50% weight solids feed slurry, with 40% of the crystals greater then 500 micron (35 mesh) and 99% grater then 150 micron (100 mesh). Solids bulk density of 1125 kg/m^3 (70 lb/ft3). B&P Process Equipment 1000 Hess Ave Saginaw, MI 48601 Saginaw: +19897571300

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Pushers We started making Baker Perkins pusher centrifuges in the 1930s and customers have seen our design and performance parameters change dramatically in the 60 years since. For relentlessly productive separation of coarse solids from freedraining crystalline slurries and gentle single-stage handling, B&P pusher centrifuges remain the standard. B&P pushers are used in a myriad of applications all over the globe. From traditional separation processes to specialized operations. Salt from dilute caustic in chloralkali plants. Military-grade nitrocellulose separation. Dilute acid cottonseed...

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The Fastest Way to Centrifuge Efficiency is Slow Motion Don’t Stop When You’re on a Roll B&P can show you how to get more out of your centrifuge operations by slowing things down. Greater production. Longer uptime. Increased machine life. Lower operating costs. And a higher-quality product. Even with lower RPM’s, production stays high. Lower rotation speeds lengthen component life and reduce machine failure, reduce downtime, repair costs and machine replacement expense. These rugged and dependable centrifuges are operated continuously - 24 hours a day for extended periods maintaining...

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Robust Design for B&P pusher centrifuges have amassed an impressive track record for reliability under all kinds of service conditions. This dependability is founded in our sound design concepts, precise engineering and top-grade materials. Here’s an inside look at some of the B&P pusher centrifuge’s notable design features: 1. A single-piece wedge-slot screen captures solids. 2. The screen is supported by a centrifugally cast, milled-slot cage basket. 3. The cake is pushed by the reciprocating action of the pusher plate to which the feed funnel is attached. 4. The basket and pusher...

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Rugged Reliability 8. The rugged base of the pusher houses the hydraulic reservoir and provides a rigid support for the entire rotating assembly. 9. Cooling coils maintain hydraulic system temperature at optimum levels. Obviously any machine with moving parts is subject to wear, but intelligent design can limit the effects of wear. For instance, product abrasion will cause screen wear at the pusher end of the screen. So we designed the screen so it can be pulled, turned end-to-end and re-installed to double its service life. In other cases, we have designed these machines so wear is...

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Since B&P is in the Business of meeting individual customer needs, it only follows that we have paid particular attention to customer support. Rebuild. Who better to rebuild your Baker Perkins and B&P machines than the folks who made them in the first place? Critical tolerances are restored to their original specs. B&P can supply new OEM parts as required. Also B&P can upgrade your old equipment to meet current safety and environmental regulations. Through our Houston Service Center we can provide complete engineering, field service, and replacement parts documentation. Our on-site...

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B&P Process Equipment Service & Rebuild Center 13135 South Freeway Houston, TX 77047 B&P Process Equipment Sales & Engineering 1000 Hess Ave Saginaw, MI 48601

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