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Horizontal Batch Mixers - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

B&P Littleford Horizontal Batch Mixers Suitable for a wide range of high-viscosity mixing applications, Our Horizontal Batch Mixers are available in a broad range of sizes and configurations to meet any program need. Horizontal Batch Mixers feature two mixing blades that rotate toward each other at different speeds inside a shaped trough. The blades move the materials in opposing directions, ensuring excellent cross-mixing of materials. Close tolerances create shearing action that assists with size reduction of solids. Applications • Carbon compounds • Abrasives • Sugar pastes • Molding compounds • Cookie and baking doughs • Propellants and explosives • Food and confectionary products • Pharmaceuticals • Sealing compounds • Adhesives • Silicon compounds HAPPKfXTsS tOlWXIEVr Features • Choice of blade styles including sigma, dispersion (naben), single-curve, and custom blade styles to optimize mixing efficiency and cycle time Nearly any component or system can be customized including metallurgy, tilt operation, discharge systems, jacketed troughs, shaft seals, controls, and more Vacuum systems are available for mixing, drying, solvent recovery, and distillation • Models are available for everything from .25 gallon (.95 liter) lab systems up to 1,000 gallon (3,800 liter) production systems • Explosion-proof motors and other options are offered in compliance with UL, CE, and ATEX regulations • Viscosities can be effectively and efficiently handled from 250,000 cps to 5,000,000 cps.

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BATCH MIXER SIZE DATA 1000 Hess Avenue Saginaw, Michigan 48601 USA In addition to Double Arm Batch Mixers, We offer a complete line of mixers such as Vertical Mixers, Rotating Bowl, Tilting Tank and other configurations to meet many process needs.

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