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Carbon Paste Kneader - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

STRONG Efficiency KO-KNEADER™ TECHNOLOGY – THE STRONG CHOICE. B&P Ko-Kneader™ for Anode Paste Mixing The B&P Ko-Kneaders are ideal for anode paste mixing applications. The rugged design, coupled with easy access for maintenance, maximize throughput and minimize downtime. Industry-Leading Efficiency A B&P Process Ko-Kneader is your most costeffective solution for anode paste production. No competitive system features the efficiency or throughput of a Ko-Kneader. With the highest production output and lowest anode consumption, B&P sets the standard. Rugged, Reliable Design The Ko-Kneader is a rotating and reciprocating single-screw mixer wherein the flights on the screw interact with three rows of stationary kneading teeth. The interaction between the moving flights and the stationary teeth provide dispersive and distributive mixing simultaneously. The result is a homogeneous mixture, with optimum mixing and dispersion. Minimized Maintenance Costs With segmented systems designed for easy access, operators can handle maintenance and repair situations with minimal tear-down required. When components require replacing or rebuilding, only the worn part needs to be replaced. This minimizes downtime and spare parts costs. Features • Less than 400 kg of carbon anode consumption per ton of aluminum • Maintenance-free main AC motor and variable frequency drive for reduced operating cost and improved uptime • Segmented wear components made of abrasion-resistant precision castings reduce initial investment and maintenance costs • Automatic discharge gate logic enables mechanical energy set-point to be maintained despite non-homogenous feed streams. • Intensive mixing process with minimal grain breakage • Optimum residence time and axial back-mixing • Packages available to include coke preheater and paste cooler

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1000 Hess Avenue Saginaw, Michigan 48601 USA 989.757.1300 (tel) 989.757.1301 (fax) sales@bpprocess.com www.bpprocess.com KO-KNEADER™ TECHNOLOGY – THE STRONG CHOICE. B&P CK-CP Continuous Kneader Systems POWER * B&P Model B&P Process Equipment traces its heritage back to the 1886 opening of the Saginaw facility where they quickly became a leader in the manufacture of universal mixers and other specialized industrial equipment. In 1897, B&P shipped the first mixer used for Carbon Anode Paste production for the Aluminium Industry. *Gearbox designed for up to a maximum of 1000 kW. In 1947 B&P, then...

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