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After Market Brochure - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Aftermarket Services Eliminate Downtime to Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

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Industrial equipment that isn’t running – or isn’t running at optimal levels – is costing you money. At B&P Littleford, we don’t just sell you equipment and forget it. We offer a range of aftermarket services to ensure your machinery runs at maximum efficiency … for decades. We can repair and rebuild all of our products, as well as centrifuges from all major brands, so you have peace of mind that your equipment will always be taken care of. Preventive Maintenance No More Surprises Regular maintenance is the key to machine longevity and efficiency. Our trained technicians can perform a technical...

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Repairs and Spare/Wear Parts No More Frustration Our equipment is reliable and built to last, and many pieces are still in service after decades of use. If you need to troubleshoot or find a solution, our factory-trained field service experts are available 24/7/365. We've rebuilt and repaired hundreds of systems - both our own and those of other major centrifuge brands. And since even the most durable equipment has moving parts that can wear out over time, or has parts designed to wear out to protect critical systems, we offer spare parts for all types and generations of our product lines. Drawing...

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About B&P Littleford B&P Littleford traces its heritage to the 1889 founding of Baker Perkins - a leader in batch mixers and other specialized industrial equipment. Since those early days, we have continued to add to our portfolio, including adding the assets of Littleford Day in 2015. Our people are veterans of the industries we serve and are always looking at the desired end result - our customers' success. We provide service and support to customers around the world from our sites in Saginaw, Michigan; Fort Mitchell, Kentucky; Houston, Texas; Fushun, China, and Jamnagar, India. Contact Us +...

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