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Subcontracting services - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

We make high quality our standard!

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B&P Engineering Do you care about the timely execution and high quality? Write to us, attach a drawing of the detail along with an inquiry and you will receive our price quote and delivery date. Shot peening - Glass blasting Metal sheet cutting and bending Laser and plasma cutting Tank fabrication Erection and programming of control cabinets Automatic grinding, polishing of tanks and end caps Design of machinery and equipment as well as visualisation of manufacturing processes B&P Engineering, Lubomirskich 1E, 37-200 Przeworsk, Poland

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B&P Engineering boasts state-of-the-art machinery and qualified staff. Our resource management is always optimised and we will guarantee professional and timely execution of the tasks assigned to us, at any stage of cooperation. We provide subcontracting services to leading domestic and overseas industrial customers. Our specialists are here for you and they will gladly address all your queries. When performing the services outsourced to us, we follow the ISO, OHSAS and ASME standards.

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CNC MACHINING: Lathing We have machine tools of various types, thus we are able to implement even the most sophisticated workpiece lathing. Horizontal CNC lathes Name Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - vertical (mm) Carousel lathe Name Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - vertical (mm) Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - horizontal (mm) Conventional lathes Workpiece type: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, plastics. B&P Engineering, Lubomirskich 1E, 37-200 Przeworsk, Poland

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CNC MACHINING: Milling Milling services are performed using three-, four- and five- axis milling machines, operated by experienced personnel. Milling machine type Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - vertical (mm) Vertical / horizontal

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Laser and plasma cutting: Laser and plasma cutting B&P Engineering offers industrial cutting services. The TRUMPF laser cutting machine featuring a 6000 W resonator is capable of cutting stainless steel as thick as 25 mm with 0.1 mm accuracy. The TRUMPF TLF 6000 laser cutting machine Stigal Vxstandard burner with 2D/3D rotating head Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - horizontal (mm) Maximum dimensions of a workpiece - horizontal (mm) between 1 and 5 (with plasma burner) between 50 and 150 (with gas burner) CNC VXstandard burner is used for plasma cutting. B&P Engineering, Lubomirskich 1E, 37-200...

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Metal sheet cutting and bending Metal sheet cutting Operating range (length x thickness) etal and sheet bending cutting EHT Variopress 300 press brake Cutting length Maximum pressure Maximum bending shelf (depending on metal sheet thickness)

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grinding polishing Automatic grinding, polishing of tanks and end caps Dimensions of workpieces subject to grinding and polishing cones, end caps, jackets maximum jacket height The device is capable of finishing an internal and external part of a jacket in tanks installed on rotating rollers. Automated grinding and polishing process ensures repeatable results and constant high process quality. B&P Engineering, Lubomirskich 1E, 37-200 Przeworsk, Poland

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Welding B&P Engineering is a specialist agent when it comes to group 8.1 stainless steel and acid-proof steel welding in accordance with PN-CR-ISO 15608. Our production capacity is based on long term experience, state-of-the-art machinery and skilled technical personnel. We offer: - manual and automatic TIG (141) welding (orbital welding of perforated bottom and peripheral welding with TIG torch) - manual and automatic TIG HW welding in perfect quality for a wide range of materials, in particular stainless steel - MIG welding (131) both manual as well as on CLOOS automated welding station capable...

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Shot peening - Glass blasting In its shot peening works B&P Engineering uses microbeads with a grain size of 100 and 200 microns. Microbeads of a suitable granulation used in the process, directed at the appropriate pressure, ensure a nice appearance of the treated surface. This process can also be used to remove post-welding discolorations or as a surface grounding coating. Beads are used for processing workpieces of different shapes, such as elements of industrial equipment and steel structures. Shot peening is a cheaper alternative to grinding, it is a proven method when the process is required...

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Erection and programming of control cabinets Our services also involve design, manufacture and programming of various control systems for industrial machinery and equipment. The range of these services includes both small and fairly simple systems with limited inputs and outputs as well as large, complex, systems including distributed control systems with multiple drives. Depending on customer’s needs and the type of applications, control systems are equipped with different types of operator panels (from simple text panels to large, full colour touchscreens) or computer workstations for control,...

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Tank fabrication B&P Engineering offers a large assortment of tanks for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Our offer includes of: buffer tanks non-pressure and low pressure tanks mixing tanks for corrosive or toxic materials equalization tanks vacuum-pressure reactors aseptic tanks shell and tube heat exchangers storage tanks silo tankers fermentation tankers tanks for products subject Tank fabrication With our experience we are able to design a wide range of customised, special tanks. Depending on customer’s needs the tanks we offer meet the following standards and certificates:...

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www.subcontracting-bp.com The use of state-of-the-art technology for fabrication ensures the high quality of our products. Design options: Ellipsoidal, conical, deep pressed, basket, flat boiler ends Tank insulation (e.g. mineral wool, polystyrene, thermofex) Side or top agitators of different design (counter rotating, anchor, propeller, magnetic, cage) Heating or cooling jacket (pillow plate, double jacket, triple jacket, channel jacket, electric jacket) Manual, automatic control Technical specifications: 1.4301, 1.4404 or other as per customer requirements IIIc, IIId, etched, sanded, polished,...

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