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Biocorn technological line - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

UNIA EUROPEJSKA EUROPEJSKI FUNDUSZ Technological line from corn stover

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The Biocorn line is used for processing of green corn stalks and leaves with different humidity level for the production of liquid (juice) and solid (pellets) biofuels. The configuration of the individual appliances in this line as well as the individual stages of biomass processing are unique and so far haven't been used by any manufacturer of biofuels operating on the global market for renewable energy.

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Linia technologiczna BIOCORN This technological line is fully automated and is controlled externally through microprocessor by means of appropriate automatic actuators. The metering of this technological line is based on the non-contact measurement system consisting of isotopic level signal transmitters. We have filed the application for patent for the Biocorn line.

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INNOVATIVE ALGORITHM OF THE PROGRAM OPERATION The algorithm responsible for the proper operation of the program controlling this technological line plays a vital rale in the processing of the corn stover, which apart from starting of drives, valves, control of their closing and opening, safety systems gives user the possibility to store the already finished processing steps and to optimize the production before each next step. The machine learning is based on the quantity of stover, heated mash and pressing time entered into All processes required for the production of biofuels are fully automated,...

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Linia technologiczna BIOCORN 1. Screw conveyor for the processed mash with moistening system for reaching the preset humidity 2. Appliance for pulping, equipped with feeding regulator in order to get the mash with appropriate 3. Tubular heat exchanger with mixing function 4. Buffer tank A with mixer, with spray system and heating up to the preset temperature 5. Press for first pressing with tubular conveyor and screw pump 6. First intermediate tank for liquid pressed by the press 7. Buffer tank B for mash from first pressing 8. Press of the second pressing stage which further extracts biofuels 9....

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OPERATION PRINCIPLE The way how the com stover juice is made in the BIOCORN line is characterized by the fact that it is required to spray the green fractions with cold water in the screw conveyor. After that the humidity of the product must be measured. The next stage is the conveying of the grinded stover to the grinding machine. The grinder will be supplied with water during the grinding process so that the mash can be liquid. Behind the grinder a humidity measurement device is installed which controls the quantity of the supplied water. The appropriately grinded and concentrated mash is forwarded...

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Linia technologiczna BIOCORN UNIA EUROPEJSKA EUROPEJSKI FUNDUSZ The pressed corn stover mash will be diluted and forwarded by pump to the second equalization (buffer) tank with mixer where it will be mixed with water in order to get the liquid consistency. After that the mash is forwarded by pump to the tubular heat exchanger with mixing function and it will be heated by water steam and water. The preheated mash is transported to the third equalization-buffer tank where it will be mixed with water and heated by water steam in order to get an uniform, solid or liquid consistency. The heated mash...

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H INNOWACYJNA UNIA EUROPEJSKA V COSPODARKA EUROPEJSKI FUNDUSZ ktfl ™WT™KTO, ROZWOJU REGIONALNEGO The project "Implementation of innovative production lines for the waste-free production of biofuel from corn stover" realized under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, Action 4.4 New investments of high innovative potential on the basis of the financing agreement No. We can offer you the Biocorn production line with the following capacity: Each time, the required capacity of this production line will be adjusted to the specific needs and expectations of the customer. The final...

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