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Catalogue excerpts

TEMPERATURE | HUMIDITY | PRESSURE ALL FOR YOUR WIRELESS MEASUREMENT AND DATA COLLECTION FROM ONE PROVIDER! B+B Thermo-Technik develops and manufactures innovative product and industry solutions with the highest quality expectations for your precise measuring tasks. B+B Thermo-Technik has been developing and manufacturing high quality temperature probes since 1984. Closely associated with temperature measurement are the fields of humidity and pressure. This resulted in the company´s programme to be expanded in 2011 to include solutions for both these specialist fields. Simply take advantage of...

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KIRO SOLO The wireless data logger for the 4th industrial revolution APPLICATION EXAMPLE REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSE By using Microsoft Azure® the cloud offers the same top security standard of the banks thereby assuring the highest performance. Do you have to record measuring data such as temperature, humidity, pressure or light in either one or more locations like cold stores or warehouses? You would like to control this data from each device at each location, from wherever you are? Then kiro solo is the ideal device for you! Regular automatic backups ensure permanent availability of your data. The...

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kiro solo Designation Article number Display Wall mount Glycol vial Power supply External power supply Meteorological information Measurand Sensor input Measuring range Accuracy Resolution B+B kiro solo 1x°C WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo 1x°C WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo 2x°C WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo 2x°C WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo 1x°C/%RH WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo 1x°C/%RH WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo universal 1x0...5V WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo universal 1x0...10V WLAN data logger B+B kiro solo universal 1x4...20mA WLAN data logger Sensors are not included in the scope...

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Temperature- and humidity probes for B+B kiro solo Temperature probes for B+B kiro solo Sensor type Cable probe Article number Measuring range Output signal Dimension D7x91,5mm Stainless steel Suitable for kiro solo 0566 1001 0566 1001-20 Sensor type Article number Digital humidity-/ temperature probe Output signal Digital, I²C Cable length Suitable for kiro solo 0566 1003 0566 1003-20 Pipe clip-on probe Brightness sensor for B+B kiro solo Connection cable for pipe clip-on probe and kiro solo data logger Measuring range Output signal Suitable for kiro solo Penetration probe Brightness sensor Sensor...

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Bffi SENSORS Power supply Protective cover Glycol vial Glycol vial, filled with Glycol Article number Output signal Suitable for kiro solo B+B Thermo-Technik offers the new kiro solo data logger product range in various performances, with different sensors for diverse applications. Monitoring of: •    Hospitals •    Clean rooms •    Printing industry •    Server rooms •    Wine cellars •    Refrigerated counters •    Central heating systems •    District heating plants The unique B+B modular system for kiro solo data logger enables you the composition of the perfect measurement solution, individual...

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ISI B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 4    @    info@bb-sensors.com Druckfehler, eventuelle Anderungen und Irrtumer vorbehalten. Ausgabe 02/2017 0141 0317-30

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