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Catalogue excerpts

KIRO MULTI The wireless data logger for the 4th industrial revolution Star topology Mesh topology 100 % secure By using a cloud the servers are stationed in Germany, hosted by a german provider, the cloud offers a top security standard with best performance. Big data, smart manufacturing and digitization. These terms are on everyone’s lips today. But what do they mean? Essentially they are all about generating added value from information. While a few years ago the big issues were just-in-time and later just-in-sequence supply of production lines, today we are talking about coordinating entire...

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@ info@bb-sensors.com @ bb-sensors.com Sf shop.bb-sensors.com A cloud.bb-sensors.com Druckfehler, eventuelle Anderungen und Irrtumer vorbehalten. Ausgabe 05/2017 0141 0318-04

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