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Catalogue excerpts

Always at your service: +49 771 8316-0 +49 771 8316-50 info@bb-sensors.com shop.bb-sensors.de B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 4 D - 78166 Donaueschingen

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B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH offers you the solution for your temperature, humidity or pressure measurement! B+B is located in Donaueschingen a city in the southwest of Germany. From there the quality products are sold worldwide. A clear proof of our Quality Management Policy which you can trust is our Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 Take advantage of B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH´s long-term experience in the temperature- and humidity measurement. In this brochure we put together our standard infrared products for you. Of course this brochure does not...

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Temperature measurement on rotating or live parts If industrial handheld thermometer or handy basic model for fast measurements here and there: B+B Thermo-Technik has the right thermometer. The portable laser thermometers for non-contact temperature measurements are characterized by connecting modern industrial design with excellent technical parameters. High-quality precision optics guarantee the precise measurements of objects in every distance.

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Description Technical data Measuring range Accuracy Optical resolution (D:S) Smallest measuring spot Display resolution Response time Spectral range Emission factor Measuring value display Alarm function Interface, Software Laser Battery Dimensions Scope of delivery -32...+530 °C or -20...+980 °F ±1% or ±1 °C at +20...+530 °C, ±1,5 °C at 0.. .+19,9 °C, ±2,5 °C at -20...-0,1 °C, ±3 °C at -32.-20,1 °C 20:1 13 mm 0,1 °C/ 0,1 °F 300 ms 8...14 pm Adjustable 0,100...1,100 Min/ Max/ Hold/ °C/ °F/ Offset Visual and acoustical high-/low-alarm USB-interface, OptrisConnect Reportsoftware < 1 mW Laser Class...

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Technical data Infrared temperature measuring device with built-in targeting laser Features: • Laserpointer • Emissivity 0,95 by default • HOLD function • Automatic switching off • Illuminated display • Battery change signal Areas of application: • Reliable tempearture measurements in moving parts • Proven on inaccessible measuring points • Fast and non-contact temperature measurement • Absolutely hygienic temperature measurement

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Technical data Artikel    Art.-Nr. Infrared temperature measuring device with built-in targeting ir 8895 Features: • Laserpointer • Emissivity adjustable 0,3...1,0 • Limit values MIN / MAX adjustable • Acoustic MIN / MAX alarm • Last 9 measurements can be saved • Illuminated display • Automatic switching off Areas of application: • Measuring on moving objects e.g. engines and waves • Measuring on sterile objects and food • Measuring on live parts e.g. transformators and power rails • Measuring on objects that can not be touched e.g. newly painted parts or chemicals • Measuring on objects that...

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Technical data Measuring range Accuracy (at Tm of 23 °C (±5)) Optical resolution (D:S) Smallest measuring spot Display resolution Spectral range Emission factor Measurement display Alarm function Interface, Software Laser -35 °C at 900 °C ±0,75 % at +100...+900 °C) ±0,75 °C at +20...+99.9 °C ±1,5 °C at -20...+19,9 °C ±2,5 °C at -35... -20,1 °C 75:1 1 mm 0,1 °C 8...14 pm Adjustable 0,100...1,100 MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG, HOLD Visual and acoustic-/ Low-Alarm USB-interface, OptrisConnect oscilloscope-software for 20 measuring values per second <1mW, Class II, 630-650 nm SF: patented cross hairs laser (Size...

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Thermometers for food safety The Fluke FoodPro thermometer provides a complete temperature measurement and monitoring solution for foodservice professionals. It includes two useful temperature inspection tools, which are designed to enable foodservice professionals a quickly and accurately measure of food product temperatures and to help detect potential food safety problems. The Fluke FoodPro non-contact thermometer is the first line of defense against improper receiving, storage and holding temperatures. Using an infrared measurement technique, the highly accurate FoodPro quickly reads surface...

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Measuring range Accuracy (at an operating temperature of 23 °C (±2 °C)) Optical resolution (D:S) Smallest measuring spot Display resolution Spectral range Emission factor Battery Dimensions -30...+200 °C ±1 °C at -0...+65 °C ±1 °C per °C under 0 °C ±1,5 % of the measuring value over 65 °C 2,5:1 at 90% energy, typical 12 mm 0,2 °C 8...14 pm 0,97 1 Alkali-Battery type AA (LR 6) (LxWxH) 150x30x50 mm Features: • Laserpointer • Hold function (7 seconds) • Emission factor (0,97) default for food • Recommended distance: 25 to 250 mm (Measuring spot 012...100 mm) • HACCP control display (Symbol display...

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Technical data Measuring range infrared    -35...+275 °C Accuracy (at an operating temperature of 23 °C (±2 °C)) Measuring range measuring probe Accuracy measuring probe (at an operating temperature of 23 °C (±2 °C)) Dimensions probe Optical resolution (D:S) Smallest measuring spot Display resolution Spectral range Emission factor ±1 °C at -0...+65 °C ±1 °C per °C under 0 °C ±1,5 % of the measured value over 65 °C -40...+200 °C ±0,5 °C at -5...+65 °C ±1 °C at under -5 °C ±1% of the measured value over 65 °C Length 90 mm, diameter 3 mm Measuring value display    Hold, Max Article    Art.-no. Infrared...

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Temperature measurement in small and narrow environments The infrared pyrometer DM 301 D is ideally suited for measuring temperature in small and narrow environments. The rugged measuring heads have been developped for applications in a measuring range from -40...1030 °C and can be used up to 80 °C without additional cooling. The inexpensive IP-pyrometers are ideally suited for OEM-applications. They also are well suited for multiple applications of infrared measuring points. Typical areas of application: • Temperature control in the plastics production, e.g. thermoforming of foil • Preventive...

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