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Erratic, unreliable output has plagued pulp and paper
production for decades. The unique characteristics of pulp
slurry operations demand reliable instruments that deliver
accurate measurements in spite of inherent slurry noise,
electrochemical or AC noise. Pulp abrasion and scaling, and
high temperature operating requirements also compound
application complexity.
Yamatake Corp. applied their extensive pulp and paper
application knowledge and their design expertise to develop
high-performance, high reliability magnetic flowmeters that
improve productivity in pulp production, preparation and
papermaking processes in:
• pulp stock flow to headbox
• de-inked pulp
• pulp from screen
• green, black and white liquor
• high consistency pulp
• dyes, pigments, sizing and additives
• bleached and unbleached pulp
The MagneW 3000 PLUS HENRI (High-Energy Noise-
Resistant Instrument) electromagnetic flowmeter line is
specifically designed to alleviate traditional pulp slurry
process challenges. Available in detector sizes ranging from
1.5 to 16 inch (40 to 400 mm) diameters, the HENRI series
• stable, accurate measurement
• lining options suited to your applications
• welded stainless steel detector housing to ensure
long service life
• custom face-to-face dimension of the detector that
eliminates on-site spool piece fabrication
• FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Hart and DE
communications protocol models
• large backlit LCD converter display and infrared
sensor one-touch operation
Reliable, Repeatable Measurement
The Yamatake HENRI flowmeter series is designed to
mitigate the effects of noise in slurry applications.
The proven high-frequency pulsed DC excitation enables
HENRI flowmeters to minimize noise-induced output
fluctuations and to deliver a stable and accurate flow.
Easy Operation Converter
Communication Protocols – The MagneW 3000 PLUS
HENRI series converter fully complies with FOUNDATION
Fieldbus interoperability. Hart and DE communications
options are also available. Built-in AI control function block
programming provides process variables for regulatory
Converter Display – The large backlit converter display is
easy to read in sunlight or dark rooms. It displays three
values simultaneously:
• percent flow rate (%)
• actual flow rate (GPM)
• and totalized value
The one-touch infrared ray sensor enables you to display
parameter settings without opening the converter cover –
saving time and reducing the converter electronics’ exposure
to harsh environments.
Durable, Long-life Detector Operation
Lining Options – The MagneW HENRI PFA lining
withstands fluid temperatures up to 320° F (160° C) and
process pressure up to 426 PSI (2.94MPa). Additionally, the
unique mirror finish significantly reduces scaling.
The ETFE lining reduces downtime and maintenance costs
in high abrasion applications such as high consistency pulp,
screened and unscreened pulp, and refiner pulp. The ETFE
lining extends operating life more than 15 times that of PFA
Noise-resistant Flowmeter Yields Stable, Accurate Pulp Slurry Measurements
MagneW 3000 PLUS HENRI

MagneW 3000 PLUS HENRI
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    Detector Housing – The detector body is fully weldedstainless steel, much more impervious to corrosion andleakage than painted steel units. Manufactured...
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